Best Off-Road Jack to Lift Your Truck on Challenging Terrains

Hi-lift jack flat tire
Having an off-road jack is crucial if you are serious about off-roading, as the regular model that came with your truck won’t cut the mustard. But which model/type to choose between the plethora of options available online? Not to worry — we’ll explain everything you need to know and where you should put your money!

Best Tire Changers for Amateurs and Professionals [2022 Review]

Best tire changer
Do you need a tire changer for your residential garage or professional repair shop and not so sure where to start? Lucky you — our experts already did most of the work for you and cherry-picked the best tire changer they could find, including manual, electro-pneumatic, and electro-hydraulic models, and reviewed them individually.

Best Wheel Balancers For the Money [2022 Review]

Best Wheel Balancer
Are you starting a tire shop business? Or maybe your old wheel balancer has finally sang his swan song? Whatever the reason, you’ll need a new high-quality wheel balancer to get you going, and here you’ll find nothing but the best ones out there — we handpicked and reviewed balancers at various price points, all sharing high-quality build and durable internals!

Best Grease Gun — Professional and DIY Models [2022 Review]

best grease gun
Purchasing a grease gun isn’t as straightforward as buying other tools, as there are various types available; some are geared toward industrial use, while others are best for occasional DIY'ers. Thankfully, we have all the answers, along with expert reviews of the best grease guns available out there. Hope it helps!

6 Best Breaker Bars for Those Stubborn Nuts and Bolts

Best Breaker Bar
Breaker bars are tools that you won’t use every day (hopefully) but are a crucial part of any mechanic’s arsenal and will help you remove jammed nuts and bolts. Don't wait 'till it's too late! — our experts cherry-picked and reviewed the best models out there, so you can find one that suits you perfectly!

Best 4-Post Car Lifts for Mechanics [2022 Review]

Best 4-post car lift
Looking to store more vehicles in your garage, or do you simply want to work underneath your car? A 4-post car lift can solve both problems easily, and if you acquire a quality one, it should last a lifetime. Here are our top picks to help you find a 4-post lift that suits your particular garage and demands!