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Milwaukee M12 Underhood LED Light

Working under the hood almost always requires good light. There are all kinds of work lights available on the market today—from old-school drop-lights to fancy LED lights that twist and turn in all sorts of directions. The best light is clean, consistent overhead light that doesn’t get in your way …

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The New Generac SpeedWash Pressure Washer System

‘Tis the season for pressure washing and our inboxes here at GarageSpot.com are full of messages from brands announcing all of their latest power washers. One, in particular, stood out because it’s geared toward the homeowner looking for a complete pressure washing system that’s easy and efficient to use, yet …

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Harbor Freight May Owe You Money

Love ’em or hate ’em, Harbor Freight Tools has some great deals on lots of tools we don’t care about keeping long-term. And, to be fair, some of their bigger-ticket items are solid—like certain floor jacks, tool chests, and air compressors that many have trusted for years. Harbor Freight is well-known for their …

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The World’s First Hand-Held CNC Machine

Whatever you know about CNC machines, forget that for a moment. Instead, imagine being able to take the CNC to the material and never again be limited by the size of a workspace or the piece being created. Better yet, imagine actually being able to own a CNC as a …

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The History of Stanley Tools

There was a lot of positive but even more negative feedback all over the web around the recent acquisition of the Craftsman brand from Sears by Stanley Black & Decker. Clearly, Stanley is a solid tool company, having been around since 1843. Sure, the Black & Decker brand is known …

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A Drill Accessory to Cut Square Holes in One Shot

A startup in the UK has developed a new drill accessory that can cut square or rectangular holes in a single pass, eliminating the need to use rulers, pencils, and handsaws to cut holes in walls for electrical sockets and other boxes. Co-founder Michael Sebhatu of London-based start-up Genius IP says …

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Remember Measurements Like a Boss

If you frequent GarageSpot.com, you know we’re huge fans and backers of the innovators out there—the little guys who create useful new products for the rest of us. We’re also big fans of a handful of great YouTubers who help us all learn new things, sometimes while they themselves learn. …

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