Best Grease Gun — Professional and DIY Models [2022 Review]

Buying a grease gun that won’t break the bank while also being able to withstand years of abuse in the shop may not be as straightforward as it seems. Luckily, we have all the best ones right here!

Best Battery-Powered
Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun
Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Grease Gun
  • Battery-powered grease gun
  • 18V electric motor
  • 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 48” flex hose with spring guard
  • Kit includes grease gun and hose
Best Pneumatic
Lincoln LIN1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun
Lincoln LIN1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun
  • Pneumatic grease gun
  • Operates at 40 CFM @ 40-150 PSI
  • 6,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 30” flex hose with spring guard
  • Kit includes grease gun, hose, and a combination filler coupler
Best Pistol-Grip
Lincoln LIN1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
Lincoln LIN1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun
  • Pistol grip manually-operated grease gun
  • Single-piece head casting
  • 7,500 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 18″ flex hose with a threaded output end
  • Kit includes grease gun, hose, a combination filler coupler, and rigid tube

If your daily activities involve performing maintenance on heavy trucks or equipment and greasing various components, you’ll need a decent grease gun in your tool arsenal. The only problem? There are several different types available, and it can get a bit difficult to pick the best one, especially if it’s your first time buying one. Luckily, there’s nothing to worry about as this article will show you everything you need to know about grease guns, along with a selection of some of the best ones out there.

Of course, the “best” model for you will depend on several factors, including what you’ll be using it for and how often. Nonetheless, we’ve already done half of the work for you and selected the best ones depending on different types, uses, and budgets.

I hope it helps!

Best Grease Gun Reviews

1. Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Cordless Grease Gun — Best Battery-Powered Model

Milwaukee 2646-20 M18 Cordless Grease Gun

The Milwaukee 264620 is a cordless battery-powered grease gun part of the brand’s M18 tool series. Thanks to the robust 18V motor, the 264620 can push grease out up to 10,000 PSI of pressure, making it one of the most powerful grease guns in the market.

You get two operating speeds; the low-speed setting delivers maximum pressure while the higher setting will deliver the highest flow rate, up to 10 Oz/min. Moreover, the preset grease counter lets you accurately determine the quantity you want to deposit beforehand, so there is little to no wastage (if you work on an assembly line or on similar components repetitively, this feature will come in especially handy).

Other useful features include a 48″ flex hose with a spring guard, a lock-on/lock-off trigger switch for convenience, and an integrated LED light for working in low-lit environments (read here that you can leave your portable worklight on your workbench).

Milwaukee’s grease gun is perfect for mobile mechanics, thanks to the cordless operation. It is also a must for anyone who already owns one or more M18 cordless tools. In that case, you can use the same M18 Red Lithium batteries compatible with more than 40 other tools, thereby saving you valuable time, money and space.

Highlighted features

  • Battery-powered grease gun
  • 18V electric motor
  • 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 48” flex hose with spring guard
  • Kit includes grease gun and hose


  • Preset counter allows unmatched precision
  • Long flexible hose can easily reach tight spots
  • Lock-on/lock-off button for added convenience and one-hand operation
  • High-pressure rating
  • Five years limited manufacturer warranty


  • Batteries and charger not included
  • Air bubbles can form in the system

2. Lincoln LIN1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun — Best Pneumatic Model

Lincoln LIN1162 Fully Automatic Heavy Duty Pneumatic Grease Gun — Best Pneumatic Model

In sharp contrast to the previous model, the Lincoln 1162 is powered by compressed air instead. It is a fully automatic grease gun; all you have to do is pull the trigger and grease will be forced out of the hose in rapid bursts at a maximum pressure of 6,000 PSI. And thanks to the variable trigger, you can adjust how fast grease comes out by increasing or decreasing pressure on the trigger.

Interestingly, to remove air bubbles in the grease cartridge or gun system, Lincoln Industrial provides an air bleeder port (I’m looking at you Milwaukee). Furthermore, the brand also runs an informative YouTube channel where experts show how to tackle other common problems with your grease gun.

The Lincoln LIN1162 grease gun is exceptionally cost-effective, but keep in mind this tool requires an air compressor. As a result, it’s definitely not as portable as the previous one and it is only financially suitable for garages or repair shops already equipped with a compressor — honestly, it makes no sense to buy one only to power a grease gun.

Highlighted features

  • Pneumatic grease gun
  • Operates at 40 CFM @ 40-150 PSI
  • 6,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 30” flex hose with spring guard
  • Kit includes grease gun, hose, and a combination filler coupler


  • Variable speed trigger allows flexibility
  • Ergonomic handle with rubber grip for comfort
  • Air bleeder port helps release trapped air bubbles
  • New and improved design
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Requires an air compressor

3. Lincoln LIN1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun — Best Pistol-Grip Model

Lincoln LIN1134 Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun

If you are on a tight budget or simply don’t want to deal with the hassle of keeping batteries charged or buying an air compressor, Lincoln Industrial also makes a more straightforward pistol-grip model. Simply load the chamber with bulk grease or a grease cartridge, make sure there are no air bubbles in the system, and you’re good to go. Place the hose’s output end at the appropriate spot and operate the pistol grip lever to get greasing.

The 1134 grease gun’s unique design allows you to change the stroke design depending on the requirement and choose between a high-pressure or high-volume output. Moreover, since this is a manual grease gun, you don’t need electricity, batteries, or an expensive pneumatic system to operate it — you can use it anywhere and at any time. However, it’s important to mention that it’s not ideal in confined spaces; the lever-action is sometimes hard to operate when there’s not much space around.

Lincoln’s pistol grip grease gun is perfect for working in remote areas where urban resources like electricity or compressed air are scarce, such as the middle of a field for farm equipment. There are very few components, meaning fewer chances of something going wrong. And even if something does go wrong, you get a one-year warranty and manual grease guns are quite easy to repair anyway.

Highlighted features

  • Pistol grip manually-operated grease gun
  • Single-piece head casting
  • 7,500 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 18″ flex hose with a threaded output end
  • Kit includes grease gun, hose, a combination filler coupler, and rigid tube


  • Hassle-free and straightforward manual operation
  • Jam-proof handle
  • Lightweight construction
  • Compact design
  • Variable stroke design makes it versatile
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Hose is shorter than other models

4. LockNLube LNL151 Lever-Grip Grease Gun — Best Lever-Grip Model

LockNLube LNL151 Lever-Grip Grease Gun

The LockNLube LNL151 is a lever-operated grease gun and while it may look just like any other ordinary model, don’t be fooled by its modest appearance. The LNL151 is a very versatile and reliable tool capable of delivering grease up to 10,000 PSI, more than some powered grease guns. Such superior performance is made possible by a relatively simple yet clever pumping mechanism operated using an external lever.

The only major downside to this arrangement is that you’ll need two hands to operate the lever, and none is left to hold the hose in place. Don’t worry, though; LockNLube came up with a patented LockNLube grease coupler designed to create a leak-proof seal on any zerk. The coupler uses a unique sliding sleeve locking four steel jaws onto the zerk fitting making sure it stays on even under high pressure.

The lever-operated mechanism can be a curse and a blessing depending on the specific situation. When there’s a zerk, the process is quite simple, but when there’s none, it can be challenging to hold the hose in position while operating the lever simultaneously. Still, several mechanics only swear by these lever-operator models so we had to include one here.

Highlighted features

  • Lever grip manually-operated grease gun
  • Compatible with 14.5 oz. grease cartridges
  • 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 20” flex hose with in-line hose swivel
  • Kit includes grease gun, hose, and a LockNLube coupler with a rebuild kit


  • Most bang for your buck
  • Patented LockNLube coupler design provides a leak-free seal
  • High maximum pressure
  • Coupler comes with a rebuild kit
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Operating the lever mechanism requires two hands, leaving none to hold the hose in position

5. Legacy Manufacturing L1305 Workforce Mini Grease Gun — Best Mini Model

Legacy Manufacturing L1305 Workforce Mini Grease Gun

When it comes to light-duty lubrication equipment, Legacy Manufacturing’s Workforce line-up of miniature grease guns has been stealing the show lately. More specifically, the L1305 mini grease gun has proven to be quite popular among the auto mechanics community. It is a highly versatile pistol grip grease gun made with a unique die-cast head, so you get high-quality and long-lasting components within close tolerances.

Like the previous model, this one also comes with a 4-jaw coupler capable of providing a leak-proof seal with zerks and most other grease fittings. Moreover, since it only requires one hand to operate the pistol grip, you won’t have a problem holding the hose when greasing components without a dedicated zerk attachment.

It’s important to mention that the Workforce L1305 grease gun is only suitable for light-duty and low-intensity use due to its miniature construction. The barrel is compatible with 3 oz. grease cartridges, which should last sufficiently long when subjected to home or light commercial use but might be a bit small for professional repair shops.

Still, it’s one of the best grease guns for DIYers or light vehicle mechanics who don’t really need to lubricate components that regularly. After all, in the automotive sector, cars only rarely come with greasable parts nowadays. On the other hand, if you work on semi-trucks or heavy equipment, this one might not be your best bet.

Highlighted features

  • Pistol grip manually-operated mini grease gun
  • Compatible with 3 oz. grease cartridges
  • 2,500 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 12” flex hose with 4” straight extension
  • Kit includes mini grease gun, hose, and a straight hose extension


  • Cheapest grease gun on the list
  • 4-jaw locking coupler works really well on zerks
  • Durable and robust die-cast head
  • Attractive chrome finish
  • One-year limited manufacturer warranty


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty use
  • Hose could be a bit longer
  • Lower pressure compared to full-size grease guns

6. Astro Pneumatic Tool APT101 Mini Grease Gun — Best Precision Model

Astro Pneumatic Tool APT101 Mini Grease Gun

Mechanics will often deposit a big dollop of grease in areas requiring frequent lubrication and call it a day, but you cannot use this method everywhere. Certain precision projects may require only a fixed quantity of lubrication to avoid any unnecessary mess (for auto mechanics, read “lubricating your impact gun” here). In these situations, you’ll need a more precise grease gun to prevent from making a mess.

Enter the Astro Pneumatic Tools 101 push-button-operated miniature grease gun.

Unlike all the previous grease guns, the APT101 deposits material through a narrow nozzle instead of a hose, fed by the 3 oz. lubricant barrel. The compact design and light body also allow this model to be operated using only one hand, making it easier to reach tight spaces.

The needle nozzle delivers a thin line of grease exactly where you want it while reducing waste. Hence, if your line of work involves lubricating small and intricate components like watches, electronics, and air tools, the Astro Pneumatic Tools is the best grease gun for your needs.

Highlighted features

  • Push-button manually-operated mini grease gun
  • 3 oz. grease capacity
  • Works on the suction principle
  • No hose included
  • Kit includes mini grease gun with needle nozzle


  • Thin needle nozzle perfect for small and precise projects
  • Lightweight grease gun
  • Extremely cheap and inexpensive
  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Back to basics, proven, and time-tested gun design
  • One-year warranty on material and workmanship


  • Grease cartridges are not compatible; manual loading only
  • May require frequent priming

7. LockNLube GG80001 G. Gun Grease Gun — Best Industrial Model

LockNLube GG80001 G. Gun Grease Gun

The LockNLube GG80001 is an industrial-grade grease gun designed to withstand heavy-duty use in the harshest work environments. One of the most unique features of LockNLube’s grease gun is that it doesn’t need any batteries or an expensive pneumatic system. Indeed, the gun requires no external power, being operated by a simple foot pedal instead. Besides, since the entire foot pedal assembly is situated at the bottom of the canister, it is constantly lubricated by the moving grease, thereby significantly increasing the gun’s lifespan.

Another great thing about the mechanism is that it leaves both your hands free, so you can use them to operate the patented LockNLube locking coupler, hold a work light to see what you are doing, or anything else for that matter. And when you feel like there is a lot of back pressure developed in the system, the patented pressure release valve will come to your rescue and clear it back into the canister safely.

The G. Gun comes with a 10′ long hose, letting you access a larger surrounding area without having to carry the bulky 2-gallon grease canister around. Speaking of the massive canister, it’s obviously not compatible with regular grease cartridges, so you need to bulk load it every once in a while. Still, that shouldn’t pose a big problem as you get a G. Scoop tool to load the grease into the canister easily, and as said before, the container is quite large and will last for quite long.

No need to say that this one is only suitable for heavy-equipment mechanics and professional auto repair shop owners. If you only work on cars on weekends, it might be a bit much.

Highlighted features

  • Foot pedal manually-operated industrial-grade grease gun
  • 2 gallons grease capacity
  • 10,000 PSI maximum operating pressure
  • 10’ flex hose
  • Kit includes the grease gun, hose, a G. Scoop, and a LockNLube coupler


  • Buying grease in bulk will cut down costs
  • Suited for industrial environments and heavy-duty use
  • Advanced pressure release system
  • Clever G. Scoop tool
  • High value for money
  • One-year manufacturer warranty


  • Initial priming can be a challenge
  • Since the grease’s weight keeps the piston primed, you might have to refill the canister before it is empty

Types of Grease Gun

The diverse list above shows that several different types of grease guns are available today. In order to decide the best style for your needs and budget, it is essential you know more about each of them:


As the name suggests, battery-powered grease guns come with an electric motor drawing power from an onboard compact battery. The motor is activated by the touch of a button. The batteries usually last for a long time but will need to be replaced at some point. This type of grease gun is really a must if you also have other battery-powered power tools with interchangeable batteries.


Pneumatic grease guns use compressed air to push grease out of the canister. These are usually cheaper but require a pneumatic system with an air compressor, filter, pressure gauges, and much more. Of course, if you already have an air compressor, that won’t really be a problem, but keep in mind that you’ll be tied to the length of your hose.


As the name implies, a pistol-grip grease gun’s trigger and handle assembly resembles a regular pistol. It’s operated by squeezing the trigger, creating pressure, and pushing the grease out. They work well, can be rebuilt but can be a bit tiresome on the hand when used for longer periods.

Lever grip

Imagine a pistol grip grease gun but with a long lever instead of a trigger. Lever grip grease guns usually take two hands to operate but provide a much higher output pressure than pistol-grip models.

Mini model

A mini grease gun is perfect for those who don’t enjoy applying grease by hand but have limited use for a grease gun. These miniature models can usually hold grease cartridges of up to 3 ounces, making them perfect for home garages.

Precision model

Certain lubrication activities demand precision when it comes to the quantity and accuracy when depositing the grease. For such projects, you’ll need a precision grease gun with a thin needle nozzle. They are definitely not as widely used but in some cases, you simply can’t use anything bigger.

Industrial Model

For large heavy-equipment repair shops and service centers where numerous vehicles come in every day, a mini or even a regular-sized grease gun might just not cut it. What you’ll need is a larger industrial grease gun offering a much larger capacity. Those may be a bit overkill for regular automotive repair shops and occasional or home use.

Grease gun on lawnmower

What to Consider When Buying a Grease Gun


Every grease gun is equipped with a barrel or a canister to store grease before sending it out through the hose. Selecting a grease gun with a big enough barrel is vital as it can save you time by requiring less frequent refills. However, it’s a bit tricky to suggest what you need as it really depends on your specific line of work — just make sure to pick a grease gun with enough holding capacity so it lasts at least 10-15 days before needing a refill.

Loading method

There are two ways to fill a grease gun with grease: using a grease cartridge or bulk loading the barrel using a scoop. Each method has its pros and cons; for example, grease cartridges are simple to use and create little to no mess. However, they are also costlier than buying a 5-gallon bucket and merely refilling the barrel by hand after use — your pick.

Hose length

Since most components requiring regular lubrication are usually located in tight spaces and small corners with limited accessibility, most grease guns deposit lubricant by sending it through a flexible rubber hose.

I recommend picking a model with a long hose to avoid any problems when working in cramped spaces. Still, this isn’t a significant constraint. If your favorite gun isn’t available with a long-enough hose, you can easily buy a longer one separately and attach it later.

Maximum operational pressure

Each grease gun comes with a maximum pressure rating, describing the maximum force applied per square inch. A higher pressure rating, anywhere between 7,500 to 10,000 PSI, is considered “heavy-duty” and will work for most applications — anything above 6,000 PSI is deemed respectable here. Anything lower than that, though, and your gun may face problems forcing lubricant into tight components or high-pressure grease fittings.

Additional features

While most grease guns come with common standard equipment in addition to the primary tool, including a flexible hose and a coupler, you can look for models offering something more. For example, LockNLube throws in its patented locking coupler for free with every purchase. What’s more, the coupler comes with a complete rebuild kit with extra seals and other components, so in case the original coupler fails for some reason, you can easily repair it yourself. Similarly, other manufacturers offer an air bleeder valve making it much easier to remove air bubbles from the system or various hose attachments.

Heavy equipment maintenance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are cartridges better than bulk loading?

If you consider the speed and ease with which grease cartridges reload a gun, they are undeniably the better choice. However, grease cartridges are expensive, and even though small volumes may not make that big of a difference, the numbers really add up in the long run.

So, if you rarely use your grease gun and don’t want to deal with the hassle of bulk loading, grease cartridges are the perfect option for you. On the flip side, for industrial work environments going through gallons of grease a month, purchasing the lubricant in bulk makes much more economic sense.

How to properly prime a grease gun?

There are several proven methods to prime a grease gun correctly, but the technique can differ depending on the specific model. The first and easiest method is to use the air bleeder valve (if it has one) to let the trapped air escape. If there is no valve on your model, unscrew the grease barrel one to two turns after refilling and activate the pump a couple of times. If that doesn’t work, you might have to look in the owner’s manual for more details.


Any home garage, repair shop, and service center is filled with machines and vehicles requiring periodic lubrication. With a grease gun, you can make sure they are well lubricated and do so while saving valuable time.

We hope this detailed article will help you pick the best grease gun depending on your needs and budget. There is no clear winner here for obvious reasons as each model included in the list is meant for specific applications and is excellent at what it does. Different mechanics need different tools so you be the judge.

Happy greasing!

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