UPDATED 1/10/18: The Coolbox is Almost Here!

JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: This is the last update for this post but it appears that Coolboxes ARE in fact shipping (or were in September of last year) but a few folks are complaining of Bluetooth noise, digital clocks not displaying properly, and missing lid magnets. The website states that units are on backorder and asks … Read more

The Magic Creeper

I have a slightly lifted Jeep, so when it's not on the rack, I actually want a creeper with decent wheels. But, if you're in the market for a zero clearance portable creeper, the Magic Creeper is worth a look.

Hands-On: The Bondic Plastic Welder

If you haven’t seen Bondic, a unique liquid plastic welder or, as they’re marketing themselves of late, the world’s first 3D pocket printer (which is beyond a stretch), it’s a nifty little tool about the size of a pen that basically holds a small tube of bonding material with a pen tip dispenser at one end … Read more

Badass: The Nemo Special Ops Underwater Cordless Drill

If ever there were a time to grunt like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, this is it. I mean, just look at how badass this thing is! While it’s been out-of-stock basically since its release late last year, the Nemo Special Ops underwater cordless drill is one of those things that few of us need, … Read more

Hands-On: WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver

You read that headline right: a semi-automatic screwdriver. It’s the WORX WX254L SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver and it’s pretty cool. Given its name and that it sort of resembles a handgun, it’s only fitting that the WORX WX254L SD uses a slide-action lever to quickly advance one of six bits, stored in an interchangeable cartridge … Read more