Best Garage Radios for 2020

Best Garage Radio

When you’re working hard in your garage, a little entertainment can go a long way in improving your mood and boosting your productivity. Many people believe that listening to the radio you work might be distracting but it’s actually the opposite. Focus increases when your mood is elevated; however, if you happen to be extremely … Read more

Best Refrigerator For Garage (2021 Top Picks)

Best Refrigerator For Garage

There is nothing I hate more than drinking a warm beverage on a hot summer day. After a day out, all I need is a cold soda. However, my kitchen refrigerator did not have enough space for storing vegetables, dairy, meat, and all of my favorite cold beverages, so they were always sitting in the … Read more

The GarageSpot Gearhead & Garage Geek Gift Guide (2019 Edition)

It’s Christmas time and that means websites everywhere are publishing their holiday gift guides. Since is a website, we’ll play along. Plus, our personal wish lists are quite extensive. So if you’re in a giving mood, our addres… just kidding. In no particular order, here goes… Grease Gun Holder Grease guns can get nasty—leaking … Read more

“Just Make da Grime Disappear, Vinny… Capiche?”

We’ve tried a gazillion different industrial-strength hand soaps, degreasers, and general-purpose cleaners in our garage over the years but, to be honest, none of us have ever really used or even considered using disposable wipes. No, no… not THOSE kinds of wipes—we’re talkin’ grime fightin’ wipes. Recently, a pack of GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface … Read more

Hands On: Bubba Rope NexGen PRO Gator-Jaw Synthetic Shackles

If you’ve been following us here at (or on Instagram and Facebook) for a while, you probably know that we really love our Jeeps and off-roading, as do many of you. And here in North Florida, there’s plenty of sand and mud to get stuck in. When it comes to off-road recovery, many of … Read more

A Window Screen for Your Vehicle

Ahhhh, Florida. With its shirt-soaking humidity, mosquitos, “love bugs,” and “no-see-ums,” it’s the place to be! Now, I haven’t been camping-proper for a long time. But I do take the Jeep out on the trails quite a bit and we almost always stop to hang out for lunch by the lake or just to shoot … Read more

A Simple Garage Stool

I recently put a smaller 4′ workbench in a corner of my garage dedicated to small projects like fixing electronics, working with the Dremel, etc. I knew I wanted a blue stool to match my new 44″ U.S. General toolbox, which is right next to the workbench. I’ve seen a bunch of different garage stools … Read more

A Retro Toy Hack That Can Open Most Garages

Short post, but I saw this video from one of my YouTube faves, Veritasium, where they hack a retro Mattel instant messaging toy for little girls, called IM me, to open garages when they don’t use rolling code tech. Interesting, nerdy, and a little disconcerting but not THAT easy to pull-off. Apparently, this has been a … Read more