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We’re Ba-a-a-ck!

Hi all—it’s been a bit! In fact, it’s been about nine months since our last post. Yikes! Nope, I wasn’t pregnant but thanks for asking.😜 Without getting into any personal details, we’re back and will be easing back into posting regularly over the coming weeks. We’re also working to spin-up a …

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A Look at Vehicle HUDs

Pretty much every new car today has some level of digital display built into the dash—radios, cameras, AC, navigation. The problem with so many of these systems is they’re trying to do everything in one or two screens, which makes for a horrible, frustrating, and even dangerous user experience. And …

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How Garage Doors Are Made

I’m going to either replace or restore the 16-year-old metal garage door at our new-to-us home pretty soon. And in doing so, I set out to do some research around polishing vs. painting, metal vs. wood, and so forth. Garage doors aren’t cheap, so I’m leaning towards a restoration job. …

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Hang it Up

There are a gazillion cell phone and sunglasses mounts/clips/hangers for your car or truck. Some of them use sticky tape to attach to the dash, others clip onto visors and air vents. Few are versatile, as they’re generally made for a single purpose, and few are all that affordable. That’s …

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A 24/7 Security Camera for Your Car

Back in my day (say that in an old man’s voice), car alarms weren’t OEM accessories. Aftermarket alarms and installations were big business, and hearing an alarm in a parking lot was something most people actually paid attention to. Today, we call the driver an idiot when his or her alarm …

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How to [Almost] Burn Your Shop Down

I admit, I very rarely read instructions, labels or anything else that tells me what to do. It drives my wife absolutely nuts. It’s not so much an ego thing as it is a lazy thing. Even when I do read instructions, I usually don’t follow them to the letter. …

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A Robot for Your Smoker… It’s the SMOBOT

If you’ve got a Kamado-style cooker, you’ve probably heard the term, chasing temps. This is where people become almost obsessed with achieving and maintaining the perfect temperature in their Kamado. And it can suck some of the fun out of the whole experience. One start-up, IOT Controls, seems to have …

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A Portable Truck Bed Liner

The other day, as a contractor drove out of our driveway with a truck full of old drywall debris from our seemingly never-ending bathroom remodel, it looked like something straight out of Scarface… Other than carelessness, I have no idea why he didn’t at least throw a tarp over the load—what …

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Three Different Levels of pH-Cleaning Power

If you’re serious about hand-washing your car, you actually measure the amount of soap you mix into your two- or three-bucket setup, even when the little voice in your head wants you to dump half the jug of soap into the bucket for an extra-sudsy mix. After all, most car …

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