Hands On: 22′ Little Giant Leveler Multi-Position Ladder

Just before we moved into our new home a couple of years ago, I sold a bunch of stuff locally, including my 24′ extension ladder and two smaller A-frame ladders. I kept one smaller A-frame, thinking I’d be fine given that this new house isn’t two-story. Whoops. Turns out, I needed an extension ladder a … Read more

Hands-On: Kobalt Rolling Work Seat

My cheap and very uncomfortable rolling stool broke the other day, just as I was setting up to do some maintenance on the Jeep. Sigh. I’ve got some minor back issues so I kinda want a seat when working low. Getting old sucks! I went to the closest auto parts store about a mile away … Read more

Hands On: Daytona Three-Ton Floor Jack

Let’s face it, Harbor Freight Tools often gets a bad rap. But anyone buying a $20 torque wrench or a 50-piece socket set for $15 from the discount tools and equipment chain expecting top-quality may need to reconsider their perspective. Harbor Freight is well-known for being cheap in terms of product pricing and, oftentimes, cheap … Read more

Hands On: WORX Pegasus Work Table & Sawhorse

Three years ago today (seriously, not planned!), we published a quick overview of the . We didn’t own one at the time but thought it was cool, so we covered it. Recently, we purchased one of our own for a project we were working on and decided we’d dig-in and do a more complete hands-on … Read more

Dremel Lite 7760 Cordless Rotary Tool Review

We LOVE our Dremel tools. Seriously, we use them on just about every imaginable project where full-sized sanders, grinders, etc. are just too much. These little rotary tools can actually help turn people on to creating, even if they’ve never done so before. Not that we’re really “creators” but we do use-n-abuse our Dremel tools. … Read more

Hands-On: TEKTON Combination Wrench Set Review

I recently decided to replace all of my old combination wrenches with new ones because I have a shiny new toolbox in my garage that… well… simply must have shiny new tools inside.???? As I was going through my old combo wrenches, I discovered that I had about 24 different brands, yet not a single … Read more

Hands-On: Fenix PD36R Rechargeable 1600 LM Tactical Flashlight

Here’s something a little different, but a topic some buddies and I were actually discussing while hanging out in the garage a few weeks ago: tactical flashlights. As some of you may or may not know from previous posts here or on social media, I’m a fairly confident self-defender. I don’t have a bunch of … Read more

Hands-On: Oldie but Goodie – JEGS Workbench Utility Mat

I recently bought a 48″ bamboo workbench to balance out the wall in my garage where a new 44″ toolbox is located. While I certainly expect a wood workbench top of almost any kind to develop battle scars during normal use, I didn’t expect this one to scratch so easily. It’s something to do with … Read more