Review Process

While GarageSpot isn’t solely a product review or comparison website, we do enjoy putting relevant products through the ringer once in a while. If you’re interested in having your company’s product reviewed by our team, please read the following carefully:

  • IMPORTANT: Because is not a typical review site, we may decide to simply highlight your product vs. conducting a full-blown review (examples: write-up vs. review).
  • For longer-form articles (mostly reviews), we oftentimes invest in promoting the article across search and social channels to increase our reach significantly, which is very beneficial for both parties. Product reviews also have great long-term SEO value.
  • When you send an item to us for review, you are acknowledging that GarageSpot will be writing an unbiased review of that item. We do not sell reviews as advertisements, and you can’t buy a positive review by sending a non-returnable product or with advertising.
  • If your product is considered over-sized, it is very important that you contact us before shipping the item.
  • We’re mostly interested in consumer or cross-over products vs. strictly commercial products.
  • Manufacturer and/or supplier comments are welcome and encouraged in the comments section of the actual review article; however, the actual review text is always going to be the reviewer’s own.
  • You will not be given any opportunity to read the review prior to publication, nor will you be given editorial authority or influence of any kind during the review process.
  • Once an article is published, we will issue updates accordingly, adding “UPDATED” to the title and then changing any factual errors that have been brought to our attention and verified by our team.
  • We will not remove published posts because you didn’t like our review.
  • Upon request, we will review updated products, when supplied to us. When the second review is posted, we will note on both the original review and the new one that it is an updated review.
  • You will be contacted if the item appears to be defective, as it is only fair that a working item is reviewed.
  • We will not review products that are not already available or at least within a few months of becoming available to the general public.
  • Items sent to us will be used during the review process. For this reason, we generally do not return reviewed items provided and never return products that physically get consumed during the review process.
  • We will never sell a product sent to us for review, but we may keep for use or further testing, or donate the product to either a charity or an individual. We may also give the product away through a contest or sweepstakes.
  • If you require a product be returned after our review has been completed, it is your responsibility to discuss this with us before you send the product. You are also responsible for including a postage-paid return label with tracking information in the original shipping package. We will not pay to have a product returned to you—shipping, insurance or otherwise.
  • You may be given a tentative date upon which the review will appear, we strive for 4-8 weeks after receipt of the product, but that is not always possible.
  • A link to the manufacturer’s site and a link to the product supplier’s site will be included in the review, along with MSRP and wrap-up comments. If there is a particular retailer that you would like linked, we would be happy to accommodate your wishes. If no supplier link is included, we may include our own, to an affiliate site, like Amazon.
If you agree to all of the above, please start by telling us a little bit about your product and company via our contact page.