Best 240v Electric Garage Heater [2021 Reviews]

Best 240v Electric Garage Heater

When the temperature drops, it might become difficult to work in your garage. To alleviate the cold weather, what you’ll need is a good heater. We recommend electric heaters because they’re safer than gas heaters. That’s especially important in a garage containing gasoline, paint, and other highly-flammable substances. Another benefit of electric heaters is they … Read more

Best 120v Electric Garage Heaters for 2021

Best 120v Electric Garage Heater

Are you searching for a reliable premium electric space heater for your garage? If the answer’s yes, your search stops here! Car garages are more than just storage spaces for cars or gardening tools. For many of us, it’s the perfect multitasking space that’s a part refuge from everyone in the house and part hobby … Read more

What Is The Best Chest Freezer For Garage

best chest freezer for garage

Regular freezers are great for storing frozen food. However, what happens when your freezer gets full? It may be time to start thinking about investing in a chest freezer. A chest freezer is a freezer that opens up from the top, as opposed to standard models that open outward. These types of freezers will give … Read more

Best Garage Radios for 2021

Best Garage Radio

When you’re working hard in your garage, a little entertainment can go a long way in improving your mood and boosting your productivity. Many people believe that listening to the radio you work might be distracting but it’s actually the opposite. Focus increases when your mood is elevated; however, if you happen to be extremely … Read more

Best Refrigerator For Garage (2021 Top Picks)

Best Refrigerator For Garage

There is nothing I hate more than drinking a warm beverage on a hot summer day. After a day out, all I need is a cold soda. However, my kitchen refrigerator did not have enough space for storing vegetables, dairy, meat, and all of my favorite cold beverages, so they were always sitting in the … Read more

Best Floor Jacks Made In The USA (2020)

Best Floor Jacks Made In The USA

Are you looking for a great American made floor jack for your garage? Have you purchased one in the past that just didn’t fit the bill for what you were looking for? In this article, we’ll tell you just what you should look for in a quality jack, and what questions to ask yourself while … Read more

How to Repair A Floor Jack That Won’t Hold Pressure

Floor Jack

You’re just about to lift your car when you realize that your floor jack simply won’t hold pressure? Of course, using it in such a condition is out of the question; it’s simply too risky. Doing so would significantly increase the risk of damaging your vehicle or, even worse, harm yourself. With that being said, … Read more