Bench Cookies!

Ensuring that whatever you’re routing, sanding, painting, or hammering stays in place can be a frustrating chore. There are a few options like vices, clamps, router mats and, of course, the new X-Mat system we wrote about a few days ago. But when it comes to simply holding something still from underneath, perhaps while providing lift for … Read more

UPDATED 1/10/18: The Coolbox is Almost Here!

JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: This is the last update for this post but it appears that Coolboxes ARE in fact shipping (or were in September of last year) but a few folks are complaining of Bluetooth noise, digital clocks not displaying properly, and missing lid magnets. The website states that units are on backorder and asks … Read more

The New Dremel Velocity: An Oscillating & Rough-Cutting Hybrid

The Dremel brand is popular amongst the DIY crowd, and for good reason. Dremel’s handheld rotary and cutting tools are powerful, easy to manage and very versatile. There’s also a solid community behind the brand, sharing lots of projects you can tackle with a Dremel tool—from home repairs and remodelling to arts and crafts. New … Read more

The Magic Creeper

Okay, I should probably disclose that I have a slightly lifted Jeep, so when it’s not on the rack, I actually want a creeper with decent wheels. But, if you’re in the market for a zero clearance portable creeper, the Magic Creeper is worth a look. Essentially a 60″x28″ [what we believe to be] polyurethane-coated nylon … Read more

Hands-On: The Bondic Plastic Welder

If you haven’t seen Bondic, a unique liquid plastic welder or, as they’re marketing themselves of late, the world’s first 3D pocket printer (which is beyond a stretch), it’s a nifty little tool about the size of a pen that basically holds a small tube of bonding material with a pen tip dispenser at one end … Read more

Badass: The Nemo Special Ops Underwater Cordless Drill

If ever there were a time to grunt like Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, this is it. I mean, just look at how badass this thing is! While it’s been out-of-stock basically since its release late last year, the Nemo Special Ops underwater cordless drill is one of those things that few of us need, … Read more

The Briggs & Stratton ‘Grime To Shine Power Tour’

Pressure washing is actually a chore I enjoy doing. It’s cool to see the difference as you go, or draw smiley faces on the pavement. 🙂 Of course, there’s always room for a pressure washer in a Jeeper’s life. This spring, the Briggs & Stratton team will be hosting its Grime to Shine Power Tour at … Read more

Hands-On: WORX® SD Semi-Automatic Driver

You read that headline right: a semi-automatic screwdriver. It’s the WORX® SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver and it’s pretty cool. Given its name and that it sort of resembles a handgun, it’s only fitting that the WORX SD uses a slide-action lever to quickly advance one of six bits, stored in an interchangeable cartridge within the tool … Read more