Best Portable Car and Truck Jack in 2022

Portable car jack used to lift a car
Looking for a portable car jack but aren’t sure which one to put your hard-earned money on? Nothing to worry — we cherrypicked the best models on the market, including bottle, scissor, floor, hi-lift, and inflatable jacks, covering a little something for everyone. We also prepared a quick buying guide to help you find the right portable car jack for you!

Best Off-Road Jack to Get You Out of Trouble on Your Next Adventure

Hi-lift jack flat tire
Having an off-road jack is crucial if you are serious about off-roading, as the regular model that came with your truck won’t cut the mustard. But which model/type to choose between the plethora of options available online? Not to worry — we’ll explain everything you need to know and where you should put your money!

How to Jack Up a Truck Safely, the Way Professionals Do It

How to Jack Up a Truck Like a Pro
Whether you recently bought a new truck and want to learn how to maintain it properly, or you just want to refresh your knowledge, we got you covered! This in-depth guide will show you how to jack up a truck and contains all the necessary steps, including the tools you need to do the job properly and securely.

Best Bottle Jacks for 2022 — Expert Review

best bottle jack
Looking for a reliable bottle jack to lift your vehicle but the plethora of options makes you nervous? Your search ends here; we found and reviewed the best models available on the market! Out top picks include bottle jacks for the occasional DIYers and professionals, but each is a high-quality model.

7 Best Scissor Jacks for Cars, SUVs, and RVs Reviewed

Best Scissor Jack
Scissor jacks are super dependable for on-the-go lifting – they are small enough to keep them in your trunk yet powerful enough to lift an SUV or RV. However, not all models are created equal. Hence, we cherry-picked and reviewed the best scissor jacks available on the market to help you find a high-quality unit for your vehicle.

Arcan ALJ3T Review — Is This Aluminum Floor Jack Worth the Cost?

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack Review
Floor jacks are by far the most convenient tool to lift your vehicle; they don’t take much space and do their job very quickly. The Arcan ALJ3T promises all those things while being very light, thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum construction and superior build quality. Should you buy it, though? Here is our in-depth review to help you!

Best Floor Jacks Made in the USA, For Real

Best Jacks Made in the USA
So, you looked for great floor jacks made in the USA online, and each website you visited recommended many models? Well, you’ve been lied to; most of those floor jacks actually come from China! Our team of expert mechanics uncovered this recently and wanted to share the story with you. Don't buy before reading this!