Jay Leno’s New Auto Detailing Products

If you call yourself a gearhead and don’t know about Jay Leno’s Garage, you’re no gearhead, my friend. Okay, that was a little contentious, but Jay Leno has one of the coolest garages on earth (pretty sure more than one, though) filled with a huge collection of amazing cars—old, new, and exotic. Recently, Jay launched … Read more

The World’s Hardest DIY Automotive Paint Coating?

Back when I ran my detail shop, we paid big money for the best products to solve what, in those days (the late ’80s into the ’90s), were major challenges: oxidized paint, acid rain damage, and the much more difficult challenge of etched or peeling clear-coat. Of course, since then, automobile paint has come a … Read more

Three Different Levels of pH-Cleaning Power

If you’re serious about hand-washing your car, you actually measure the amount of soap you mix into your two- or three-bucket setup, even when the little voice in your head wants you to dump half the jug of soap into the bucket for an extra-sudsy mix. After all, most car wash formulas do provide specific … Read more

The GarageSpot Gearhead & Garage Geek Gift Guide (2016 Edition)

It’s Christmas time and that means websites everywhere are publishing gift guides. Since GarageSpot is a website, we’ll play along. Plus, our personal wish lists are quite extensive. So if you’re in a giving mood, our addres… just kidding. Oh, and since it’s down to the wire, if the websites we’re linking to can’t deliver by Christmas, … Read more

Protecting Your Wheels from Overspray

For those who like shiny tires after a solid Saturday of detailing their ride, re-cleaning wheels after spraying tire shine products on the tires can be a pain. Personally, I typically spray tire protectant on an applicator sponge away from the vehicle before applying it to the tire, but lots of folks spray product directly … Read more

SpotCheck #19 (But Really #1)

Introducing SpotCheck, from GarageSpot. There’s a lot of stuff that comes across the workbench here at GarageSpot each week. And while much of it is pretty cool and certainly relevant to our audiences, there’s either not enough to make a full story of it, or we just don’t have time but do want to share. To that … Read more

How to Wash Your Car Like a Pro

I generally spend several hours washing and sometimes more thoroughly detailing the family cars every few weekends or so, in between the quicker clean-ups, of course. In this article, I’ll walk you through my car wash process and introduce you to the tools and chemicals I personally use (please read the little disclaimer at the … Read more