FlexVolt from DeWALT – The Only Battery to…

For almost two months, there’s been a bunch of build-up, hype and predictions around a marketing campaign from DeWALT using the hashtag #worldsfirst, which was to be revealed today. Since DeWALT has made a big deal about this (and it is very cool and we will cover it more in-depth later), we’ll play along and … Read more

Sugru Moldable Glue Review

For whatever reason, things around me that break always seem to require solutions that don’t exist yet. I improvise a lot! Admittedly, as a garage geek, half the fun is making fixes work when they probably shouldn’t. Glues of all types have failed me where they should have worked, per product claims. Epoxies and silicones… oftentimes … Read more

Manage Your Tools Remotely with DEWALT Tool Connect

More useful for the jobsite contractor than the garage enthusiast, we still thought the new digital tool management system from DEWALT was cool enough to share. DEWALT Tool Connect (available for both iOS and Android devices) is a free mobile app that enables users to receive alerts about, connect with and control their Bluetooth enabled DEWALT … Read more

Bosch REAXX Table Saw with “Flesh-Detecting” Technology

When not running the full-service family Texaco station in Southwest Florida before his passing in the mid-80s, my grandfather was an extremely talented woodworker. His shop was an amazing place where I spent a lot of time back in the day. As good as he was, he also lost a couple of fingers doing what … Read more

The Winbag Inflatable Shim

Air is a really powerful force. In fact, rescue personnel and vehicle recovery pros have used various air jacks and wedges for a long time. Locksmiths also use air wedges to assist in opening locked cars and trucks. But who would’ve thought that little bags of air could be so useful around the shop or … Read more

A Better Edge Clamp

Clamps. Not something most of us tend to think about when we talk about innovation. After all, man has been clamping things similarly since the Age of Pyramids. Most of us have been using the same ‘ol plastic or metal spring clamps, c-clamps, edge clamps and all the others forever. Alas, Rockler has disrupted the clamping scene … Read more

Bench Cookies!

Ensuring that whatever you’re routing, sanding, painting, or hammering stays in place can be a frustrating chore. There are a few options like vices, clamps, router mats and, of course, the new X-Mat system we wrote about a few days ago. But when it comes to simply holding something still from underneath, perhaps while providing lift for … Read more

UPDATED 1/10/18: The Coolbox is Almost Here!

JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: This is the last update for this post but it appears that Coolboxes ARE in fact shipping (or were in September of last year) but a few folks are complaining of Bluetooth noise, digital clocks not displaying properly, and missing lid magnets. The website states that units are on backorder and asks … Read more

The New Dremel Velocity: An Oscillating & Rough-Cutting Hybrid

The Dremel brand is popular amongst the DIY crowd, and for good reason. Dremel’s handheld rotary and cutting tools are powerful, easy to manage and very versatile. There’s also a solid community behind the brand, sharing lots of projects you can tackle with a Dremel tool—from home repairs and remodelling to arts and crafts. New … Read more