A Drill Accessory to Cut Square Holes in One Shot

A startup in the UK has developed a new drill accessory that can cut square or rectangular holes in a single pass, eliminating the need to use rulers, pencils, and handsaws to cut holes in walls for electrical sockets and other boxes.

Co-founder Michael Sebhatu of London-based start-up Genius IP says there are almost 200 million square holes cut every year in the UK alone by electricians and the like. His invention, he says, can save over 16 million hours each year—even more globally.

The QUADSAW is a four-blade drill accessory that works with most electric and battery-powered drills. Once you adjust the blades for the size hole you need to cut, you hold the QUADSAW with one hand by its handle and insert your drill into the back of the device. Built-in spirit levels and a height gauge keep things on the straight and steady. All four blades work simultaneously to cut the hole. Pretty cool.


The QUADSAW is not cheap, though. At almost $215 + $25 (USD) to ship it to the US, you’ll have do lots of square hole cutting to justify its cost. Still, it is super-cool and certainly unique for those that do have the need. You can pre-order yours on the QUADSAW website.

Here’s a video tour of the QUADSAW:

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