Tailored Living’s New PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series

There is new information regarding this post here. Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage recently rolled out its new private label modular garage storage system, the PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series. This new garage storage solution includes multifunction cabinets built from heavy duty 18-gauge steel, multiple mounting options, integrated light valances for optional LED lighting, padded tool storage, soft-close drawers … Read more

Chill Out: Cooling Your Home Garage

Here in North Florida, it gets friggin’ HOT in the summertime. Not that dry Arizona hot that we’ve all heard about a bazillion times (which is a thing)—we’re talking sticky, icky humid hot, where your body starts sweating before you actually walk outside because it knows what’s coming. Yeah, yeah… it was a choice to be here… I’ll stop … Read more

A Few Helpful Garage Org Project Videos from Craftsman

Here are a few brief and helpful videos from Craftsman for that Spring garage cleaning and organization project that I just know you’re gonna tackle this weekend.? Hosted by Master Craftsman, Rob North, the first video is a mash-up of a few projects (with some heavy product placement, but I come from a digital strategy/marketing … Read more

LiftMaster’s New Mini Universal Remote

While most modern vehicles include integrated garage door openers that are fairly simple to link-up, many of us still need the ‘ol handheld remote—myself included. Believe it or not, reliable universal remote garage door openers are hard to find. I’d been through three different brands before we recently replaced our entire garage door system. Perhaps … Read more

The RYOBI Modular Garage Door Opener

After living with an obnoxiously loud chain drive garage door opener for eight years, we just replaced our opener with an amazingly quiet belt drive. But wouldn’t ya’ know it… this thing comes out a month later, and I want one! Call it the ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of garage door openers, the new RYOBI Garage Door … Read more

Revisiting “The Well Equipped Garage” [Infographic]

Originally published by Car and Driver back in 2013 in a larger piece called The Well Equipped Garage, we still love this graphic to inspire your own garage layout. The graphic is organized by garage size (e.g., One = single car garage, Two= two-car garage and…. wait for it… Three = three-car garage). Sure, not … Read more

Retractable Screens for Your Garage

Here in Florida, mosquitoes are rampant but even worse are those *%&$#! noseeums (a.k.a. sandflies). They’re awful and leave you swatting and dancing around like your bladder is about to burst. Oh, and love bugs… absolutely zero love there whatsoever. So when we were considering options to build out our own GarageSpot residential garage (more info on … Read more