UPDATE: Pro Series Garage Cabinets from New Age Products

Last month we covered the Premier Garage Metal Cabinet Series through a press release that was sent to us. At the time, details were scarce. But since that post, we’ve learned that the Premier series is a white-labeled version of the new and updated Pro Series from New Age Products. Here’s an email from a New … Read more

How to Store Tires in the Garage

Someone commented on one of our promotional Facebook posts the other day, and it made me giggle… but also think… more than I normally do… which kinda hurts. Storing tires in the garage can be a challenge. They’re big, bulky and roll. So, just for Joseph, we’ve got a few seemingly safe ways to store tires … Read more

The World's First Smart Hoist Makes Overhead Garage Storage Plain and Simple

Looking to declutter your garage? GarageSmart's MyLifter® smart overhead storage technology might be the perfect solution for you! It's a small and simple solution, yet very powerful — connecting a few units together yields excellent lifting capacity. You can also control it with a smartphone app, meaning there is no remote to lose!

Tailored Living’s New PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series

There is new information regarding this post here. Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage recently rolled out its new private label modular garage storage system, the PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series. This new garage storage solution includes multifunction cabinets built from heavy duty 18-gauge steel, multiple mounting options, integrated light valances for optional LED lighting, padded tool storage, soft-close drawers … Read more

Chill Out: Cooling Your Home Garage

Here in North Florida, it gets friggin’ HOT in the summertime. Not that dry Arizona hot that we’ve all heard about a bazillion times (which is a thing)—we’re talking sticky, icky humid hot, where your body starts sweating before you actually walk outside because it knows what’s coming. Yeah, yeah… it was a choice to be here… I’ll stop … Read more

A Few Helpful Garage Org Project Videos from Craftsman

Here are a few brief and helpful videos from Craftsman for that Spring garage cleaning and organization project that I just know you’re gonna tackle this weekend.? Hosted by Master Craftsman, Rob North, the first video is a mash-up of a few projects (with some heavy product placement, but I come from a digital strategy/marketing … Read more

LiftMaster's New Mini Universal Remote

For the 70% of folks like me who use the garage as the primary entry point into our homes and need a remote door opener, LiftMaster is introducing its new Mini Universal Remote Control.