The New Craftsman Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener

Craftsman announced its new “smart” garage door opener recently, and while it’s got nothing on the Ryobi modular opener in terms of features, sometimes and for some folks, simpler is better. Like most openers these days the Craftsman Wi-Fi Smart Control Garage Door Opener ($230) is belt-driven for much quieter operation than chain-driven openers. The 1¼ … Read more

Watch One Guy Build a Three-Car, Four-Story Garage in Four Months

Adam Hadlock is a web developer, outdoor enthusiast, and father of two. He’s also an extraordinary doer—a designer, carpenter, welder, fabricator, photographer, videographer and, of course, car guy. Adam lives in Vermont and wanted to build a garage on his property. And build it he did! Having never tackled anything like it before, Adam set … Read more

A Simple, Elegant & Functional NewAge Products Workbench

When you’ve got limited space and budget, but need a strong workbench that isn’t part of a larger modular system, New Age Products has a solid, great looking, and affordable solution. Available in three sizes (48″, 72″ and 96″) and with either a bamboo or stainless steel top, this simple, yet functional workbench features a … Read more

Mini-Refrigerators for the Garage

There are a few great looking, full-sized refrigerators designed specifically for the extreme temperatures that are oftentimes found in the garage or workshop, like the popular Gladiator Refrigerator, for example. And while those are cool (pun intended), they’re big and upwards of $1200. Sometimes, we just want to chill a few brewskies for that weekend project. … Read more

Build This Hardware Storage Cabinet

If you’ve got a lot of hardware in your garage or workshop, like fasteners and such, organizing it all can be a pain. One of our favorite YouTube channels, Workshop Addict, recently uploaded a video showing us how to build a cool (and expandable) cabinet to house a bunch of Dewalt removable hardware organizers. Enjoy!

DIY Garage Floor Epoxy

Epoxy coating is just one of several popular methods of refinishing a garage floor. It’s affordable and looks great when preparation and application are done correctly. There are lots of write-ups and videos from pros showing us how they apply epoxy onto garage floors, but we also love sharing projects our own like-minded community tackles—average Joe’s … Read more

Design Your Garage, Layout or Any Other Project in 3D for Free

As the wife and I gear up to make our way back to our hometown here in North Florida, we’re seriously considering building a new house on some acreage, since we can’t find anything that we really are looking to call our last home. Naturally, I’ve already been working on designing my stand-alone dream garage. … Read more

UPDATE: Pro Series Garage Cabinets from New Age Products

Last month we covered the Premier Garage Metal Cabinet Series through a press release that was sent to us. At the time, details were scarce. But since that post, we’ve learned that the Premier series is a white-labeled version of the new and updated Pro Series from New Age Products. Here’s an email from a New … Read more

How to Store Tires in the Garage

Someone commented on one of our promotional Facebook posts the other day, and it made me giggle… but also think… more than I normally do… which kinda hurts. Storing tires in the garage can be a challenge. They’re big, bulky and roll. So, just for Joseph, we’ve got a few seemingly safe ways to store tires … Read more