Hands On: WORX Pegasus Work Table & Sawhorse

Three years ago today (seriously, not planned!), we published a quick overview of the WORX Pegasus Work Table & Sawhorse. We didn’t own one at the time but thought it was cool, so we covered it. Recently, we purchased one of our own for a project we were working on and decided we’d dig-in and … Read more

A Portable Work Table & Sawhorse in One

I’ve got several different types and brands of sawhorses, but I’ve never really considered a portable work table before. If I’m working on a project outside of the garage, I typically just lay some plywood across two sawhorses to use as a table without giving it a second thought. When WORX shared their new sawhorse/work table … Read more

A Cordless Pressure Cleaner

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]APRIL 2017 UPDATE: The WORX Hydroshot wasn’t available and little info was known at the time the original article below was posted. As of April 2017, the product appears to be available in the USA via Amazon.com.[/box] — ORIGINAL ARTICLE — We spotted a recent video from WORX about a new … Read more

SpotCheck #34

There’s a lot of stuff that comes across the workbench or inbox here at GarageSpot each week. And while much of it is pretty cool, there’s either not enough to make a full story of it (yet), or we just don’t have time but do want to share. That’s what this post is about each … Read more

The 8-in-1 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

In our own garage, we’ve had an old-fashioned wheelbarrow with a flat tire hanging on the wall for about eight years—we just never use it, despite breaking our backs carrying bags of mulch to the backyard every other season, rock salt for the water softener or pavers when we finished our back patio. Real men … Read more

The New WORX 2.5A Oscillating Multi-Tool

Some of the most versatile tools in our shop are oscillating multi-tools. These super-useful tools allow us to cut, saw, sand, scrape, rasp, polish, shape, and remove grout or adhesives in tight places. There are a variety of oscillating tools available: corded and cordless, and 7 AMP and 2 AMP, to name a few. Depending on … Read more