Retro Tool Boxes

As I struggle to revive my own personal residential garage buildout project (which was put on hold due to other home renovations taking far longer than expected), I’m 85.573% sure I’m gonna go retro. I have very fond memories growing up in and around my grandfather’s Texaco station in SW Florida, which he started before … Read more

Buy or Build: Organizing Your Pliers

Ahhh the plier drawer. Many of us organize our sockets, drill bits, and screwdrivers but that awful plier drawer is usually a wreck. I try to keep my pliers all flat so I don’t have to dig through the drawer, but try is the key word there—I always end up just throwing more pliers on … Read more

The New Husky Tool Chest, Rolling Cabinet & Workbench Combos

With lots of new tool chest/cabinet combo releases over the past year, Husky—a Home Depot house brand—proves it’s certainly a worthy contender in the space. In fact, their new 52″ and 56″ tool storage solutions are strong, great looking and feature-rich enough for us to consider them over several others we were eyeing for the official GarageSpot … Read more

Craftman’s New Pro Series Tool Storage w/ Bluetooth Locks

Last month, we covered Craftsman’s new 52″ tool chest, which is a throwback to the Craftsman tool storage solutions some of us grew up with, but with a modern twist. Around the same time, Craftsman announced their new Pro Series Tool Storage line. Available in 26″, 41″ and 52″ models (tops and bottoms sold separately, but … Read more

Mini-Refrigerators for the Garage

There are a few great looking, full-sized refrigerators designed specifically for the extreme temperatures that are oftentimes found in the garage or workshop, like the popular , for example. And while those are cool (pun intended), they’re big and upwards of $1200. Sometimes, we just want to chill a few brewskies for that weekend project. For … Read more

UPDATE: Pro Series Garage Cabinets from New Age Products

Last month we covered the Premier Garage Metal Cabinet Series through a press release that was sent to us. At the time, details were scarce. But since that post, we’ve learned that the Premier series is a white-labeled version of the new and updated Pro Series from New Age Products. Here’s an email from a New … Read more

UPDATED 1/10/18: The Coolbox is Almost Here!

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]JANUARY 2018 UPDATE: This is the last update for this post but it appears that Coolboxes ARE in fact shipping (or were in September of last year) but a few folks are complaining of Bluetooth noise, digital clocks not displaying properly, and missing lid magnets. The website states that units are on … Read more