UPDATE: Pro Series Garage Cabinets from New Age Products

Last month we covered the Premier Garage Metal Cabinet Series through a press release that was sent to us. At the time, details were scarce. But since that post, we’ve learned that the Premier series is a white-labeled version of the new and updated Pro Series from New Age Products. Here’s an email from a New Age rep when we asked them to clarify:

We worked very closely with the Tailored Living team to develop a private label, modular garage storage system that provides a quality solution for their consumer’s unique organization needs.  This product line offers exclusive design options and a color that are not available in the “Pro Series” and is not available through any other retail company.  Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage has a network of dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada with expertise to custom design any configuration and they offer full service installation.    We are pleased to partner with Tailored Living as their manufacturer of this private label metal cabinet series.

The Pro Series website has lots of info and here’s a video tour of the new Pro Series garage storage system, which you can purchase online through New Age Products (vs. Tailored Living/Premier Garage, where you’ll have to find a dealer, but again… there are unique options not available anywhere else).

It’s not uncommon for brands to white-label their products, so don’t be turned-off because of that. New Age Products make some sweet garage cabinets that are sold in big box stores all over. We just thought we’d update you, as the Pro Series website now contains lots more info than what was made available to us when we covered the Premier Garage release.

That is all. Carry on.

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