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Get a Handle on Your Pressure Washer

As far as pressure washer spray guns and lances go, there hasn’t been a whole lot of innovation of late. And the typical spray gun/lance combo that most of us end up using leave a lot to be desired—they’re often uncomfortable to hold for long periods of time and spraying …

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A Cordless Pressure Cleaner

— ORIGINAL ARTICLE — We spotted a recent video from WORX about a new cordless pressure cleaner that looks interesting for those who need something in between the 40-60 PSI that the average garden hose provides and the 1500-1800 PSI that the lower end of the pressure washer market offers. …

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Clean Your Bottom

If you’ve ever run your car through a gas station car wash (cringe), you’re probably familiar with the drive in—the machine attempts to wash your car’s undercarriage and we drive in really slow, hoping it’s working but we never really check… unless you have a truck, of course. A tip …

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