VOLT Aims to Make Landscape Lighting Easier to Install

VOLT is known for its premium lines of landscape lighting fixtures, transformers, tools, and accessories and has been for years. Along the way, the company says it realized its customers—professionals and DIYers alike—wanted the installation of outdoor landscape lighting to be easier and more cost effective. So, VOLT’s Innovation Lab set out to address those wants and … Read more

Smart Irrigation Systems

The Internet of Things is taking over, with new connected products hitting the market every day. Some are just gimmicky, while others are super-useful. Automatically watering the lawn based on the local weather forecast and granularly controlling irrigation systems via a smartphone app could be considered pretty useful. So-called smart lawn and garden sprinkler systems … Read more

A Big Tool Rack

Shortly after we posted our article covering the new Big Kat Carrier, someone sent a tip to us about another cargo carrier, but one that was designed for compact tractors and much heavier-duty work around a larger property—a farm, ranch or several-acre yard. The new BigToolRack attaches to a tractor the way any trailer would, adding much-needed storage … Read more

Cordless Jet Power: The 56v WORX Turbine Series Blower

For many of us this Spring, weekends = yard work. And a familiar ending to yard work (before the beer) is blowing the mess you made off the driveway, walkways and porches. For me, I’ve  been using a now discontinued WORX 20v cordless blower for a few years after giving up the gas blower, which … Read more

The WORX Landroid Robotic Mower

There’s just something soothing about cutting the lawn. It’s kinda like me time, where one can reflect on all the good and bad things they’ve done in life. At some point, though, you start thinking, “I sure wish I was adding more accessories to my Jeep instead of doing this.” Maybe that’s just me. Well, the … Read more

Craftsman’s New Pro Series Mowers w/ Power Steering

Back in the 1970s, we lived on an acre of land in South Florida. Before my parents trusted me with a go-kart, I would jet around the backyard on dad’s riding mower. One day, I drove it into our swimming pool. The deep-end. True story. How could a pre-teen possibly drive a lawn mower into … Read more

Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit – All-in-One Outdoor Lighting + Mosquito Repellent? Yes Please!

Forget the threat of malaria, encephalitis, Zika or West Nile… we just hate being bitten by them-there dadgum skeeters! And here in mosquito alley (that’s what I’m calling Florida), we need relief. So don’t mind us as we show a bit of enthusiasm for the new —great looking outdoor lights with built-in mosquito repellent. Oh yeah. The company … Read more

The First Apple Watch App for Robotic Mowers

Husqvarna, the Swedish company behind the first robotic mower some 21 years ago, recently launched an Apple Watch™ app, Automower® Connect, which enables owners of the company’s Automower® 320, 330X and 450X to control key features of the mowers from anywhere. The app allows users to monitor the current status of the robotic mower, send … Read more

John Deere App Makes Mowing Fun (And Nerdy)

Okay, perhaps the title of this post is a bit misleading. With my allergies here in the extreme Florida sun, mowing the lawn just sucks. But, many see mowing as a chance to reflect on life’s complexities… or maybe as a chance to daydream about that new Jeep or big screen TV. Either way, John … Read more