The New 3-in-1 VacPack from Black+Decker

While we’re still in the midst of Spring and quickly approaching the Summer months, Black+Decker just informed us about an upgrade to their popular 3-in-1 leaf blower, vacuum, and mulcher combo, which is slated to be released just before Fall this year (2017). See Also: Our Review of the 6 Best Leaf Vacuums with Mulcher and Blower Options … Read more

Spray Painting Your Yard… Kinda

When we were getting ready to sell our last house about a year ago, I replaced all of the mulch in our flower beds, but only because it looked bad after a year of baking in the hot Florida sun. I’d done the same thing a few years in a row, so the last time … Read more

Hands-On: EGO Power+ 575 CFM 56V Cordless Blower

When it comes to leaf blowers, most pros will tell you gas-powered backpack blowers are the way to go. But EGO has made it their company mission to replace gas-powered lawn tools with battery-powered machines that are equal to or better than many gas-powered tools. Their latest blower is no exception and is, in fact, … Read more

A Legit Electric Riding Lawnmower

Since our new-to-us house sits on about two acres with lots of trees, I’m in the market for a riding lawnmower, and pretty quick. Since I’ll need to tow a small trailer around the yard to clean up all of the debris that constantly falls from above, I was seriously considering one of two old-school … Read more

Backyard Burning

Now that the wife and I live in the sticks (okay, the city sticks… we’re like five minutes from a Target, but still… we’re in the woods and have turkey and deer as neighbors), we’ve got a ton of trees dropping all kinds of debris on the ground. Plus, for years, the previous owner had … Read more

EGO Power+ SNT2102 – Powerful Cordless Snow Blowin’

Admittedly, here in Florida, we don’t need no stinkin’ snow blowers. In fact, it would appear that Florida has decided to boycott Winter this season. That sucks because I like cold(ish) weather and reasonable amounts of snow. I do know people, or at least know people who know people, who use snow blowers. And since we’ve … Read more

Kill Bugs… with Salt… From a Gun. Yeah C’mon!

Flies are nasty. Flypaper and chemical sprays designed to eliminate them are worse. Inventor Lorenzo Maggiore has a solution: a battery-free, air-powered gun that shoots a pinch of salt at just enough velocity to kill the insect from about three-to-four feet away. And you can do it about 50x on one small load of ordinary … Read more

The 8-in-1 Multifunction Wheelbarrow

In our own garage, we’ve had an old-fashioned wheelbarrow with a flat tire hanging on the wall for about eight years—we just never use it, despite breaking our backs carrying bags of mulch to the backyard every other season, rock salt for the water softener or pavers when we finished our back patio. Real men … Read more