A Big Tool Rack

Shortly after we posted our article covering the new Big Kat Carrier, someone sent a tip to us about another cargo carrier, but one that was designed for compact tractors and much heavier-duty work around a larger property—a farm, ranch or several-acre yard.

The new BigToolRack attaches to a tractor the way any trailer would, adding much-needed storage and hauling capacity to the otherwise limited storage space available on most compact tractors. The unit is made from heavy-duty steel with a powder-coated finish, and a total capacity of 600lbs. There’s also an integrated tailgate to make loading and unloading much easier.

BigToolRack - With Add-Ons

Beyond its hauling capabilities, the BigToolRack was primarily designed to get tools to and from the jobsite. And that’s where the system is fully configurable, with add-ons like universal tool holders (held in place with rubber straps), a hand tool holder, storage bins, drop-down lumber carriers and universal holders, a chainsaw holder and more. A rubber cargo liner and counter-weight bracket are also available.

One of the cooler features is the BigToolRack’s retractable wheel system, which keeps the wheels up high while the system is attached to the tractor, while lowering them offers the convenience of rolling the entire rack into the garage or barn for storage without unloading everything.

Depending on which option you chose (base system, some add-ons or all add-ons) the BigToolRack retails for around $1500-$2400. The additional add-ons area also available as separate purchases (tool holders, the cargo liner, the four retractable wheels, etc.). Everything can be purchased via the BigToolRack.com website, and the basic and pro setups can be found on [easyazon_link identifier=”B00P5B7PRK” locale=”US” tag=”garagespot05-20″ popups=”n”]Amazon.com[/easyazon_link].

Here’s a video from the inventor explaining all of the features of the BigToolRack:

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