Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit – All-in-One Outdoor Lighting + Mosquito Repellent? Yes Please!

Forget the threat of malaria, encephalitis, Zika or West Nile… we just hate being bitten by them-there dadgum skeeters! And here in mosquito alley (that’s what I’m calling Florida), we need relief. So don’t mind us as we show a bit of enthusiasm for the new Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent Systemgreat looking outdoor lights with built-in mosquito repellent. Oh yeah.

The company claims it’s the first-ever integrated lighting/repellent unit, so we’ll just take their word for it because that’s not what’s important here. And, technically, citronella candles do double as mosquito repellents and outdoor lighting, but they stink to high heaven (and make your clothes stink, too), usually don’t provide much coverage per candle, and you have to light them and wait a while for them to work.

Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit Patio Outdoor Yard Area, Odorless,...

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The NuTone Haven lights use a combined vaporizer and repellent cartridge that emits an invisible and odorless mosquito repellent, covering about 110 square feet each—so four of them will protect most standard patios. The company says the repellent is safe for plants, flowers, shrubs and lawns. They don’t mention pets, but there’s a dog next to one of the units in the video, so we’ll assume he’s OK.

A powder-coated cast aluminum housing—available in black or bronze—holds the 16 integrated LED lights, a replaceable 24ml mosquito repellent cartridge and vaporizer to provide controlled release of the repellent. The LEDs provide 40 lumens of light at 2900K, should last about 30,000 hours and are surrounded by a UV-stabilized polycarbonate lens that shouldn’t fade, yellow or chip like so many cheap outdoor lighting kits. The repellent cartridge is designed to last up to 90-days when used daily for about 2 ½ hours each time.

Each unit stands 18″ and includes a plastic ground stake, but optional brackets are available for mounting the lights on a fence post or deck railing. You can also purchase the repellent fixture alone, without the light, in cases where you already have outdoor lighting and just want mosquito control.

Installation of either unit should be a breeze as each includes an 18″ lead of 18-gauge cable with tinned ends for easy insertion into one of the two provided adaptors for 12-16 gauge cable setups. The system is powered by a low-voltage 12v or 15v AC transformer and can tie into existing low-voltage lighting systems. There’s also an optional timer available that can turn the system on/off at a certain time or automatically via a built-in dusk/dawn sensor.

I’m not certain these things will control insects other than mosquitoes, but guessing so and I’m certainly willing to try. Here in Florida and for a certain number of months, both mosquitos and noseeums are bah-ru-tal when I’m out in garage or driveway working on the Jeep.

Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit Patio Outdoor Yard Area, Odorless,...
  • OUTDOOR MOSQUITO REPELLENT SPRAY: Kit includes 4 repellent cartridges, 65 feet of...
  • 12-FEET OF PROTECTION: Invisible mosquito repellant protects areas up to 12-ft in...
  • INSTANT PROTECTION: Repellent provides protection from biting mosquitos within 15 minutes...
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Step-by-step instructions allow for simple installation process. For...
  • 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY: Mosquito repellent starter kit is backed by a 3 year limited...

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4 thoughts on “Broan-NuTone HVK400 Backyard Mosquito Repellent System Kit – All-in-One Outdoor Lighting + Mosquito Repellent? Yes Please!”

  1. Hi Michael –
    I’d like to get your opinion on the NuTone Haven product now, 5 months later. Is the product living up to your expectations and have you been able to enjoy your yard mosquito free?

    • Hi, Amy – When we wrote that piece, the lights weren’t available yet (you’ll notice we said things like, “should” be easy to install). That said, the wife and I are moving to another city here in Florida and have a long punch list for the house we’re building, which includes these lights for our new deck/patio area. So, here’s to hoping they do what they say. 🙂

  2. Where did you hear about it being sold at Home Depot? I can’t find any mention on Home Depot’s website that it is available.

    • Hi, Vicki – We do know that Home Depot carries other NuTone products, so it could just be a typical supply chain delay. There’s a store/dealer locator on the NuTone website at but we didn’t find any retailers in Arizona ?. You may have some luck contacting NuTone’s customer service 888-336-3948.

      Wish I had more info to offer!

      – Michael

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