NewAge Performance Plus 2.0 Mobile Garage Cabinets Review

We’ve owned and worked with/in garages with all kinds of storage solutions. From fancy wall-to-wall steel cabinetry to repurposed kitchen cabinets and an old homemade workbench. Most of the time, the cabinets are mounted securely to the wall and it’s the tool chests that we’re rolling around the garage. NewAge Products aims to put the best of both worlds in your garage by making its cabinets more mobile.

While NewAge is calling its new Performance Plus 2.0 cabinetry “fully mobile,” that’s not 100% accurate unless we don’t consider lockers to be cabinets (more on that in a sec). Still, the system is certainly more mobile than other brands’ options. Sure, anyone can add some heavy-duty casters to existing cabinets, buts it’s the integrated features—like the built-in top tray with heavy-duty rubber liner and tool tray spacers—that make the NewAge cabinets much more practical as mobile cabinets. Plus, they look fantastic!

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Made from fully-welded 18-guage steel, the NewAge Performance Plus 2.0 system becomes mobile when the optional Mobile Spacer Kit and lockable, swiveling casters are installed. The spacers—which are both cosmetic and practical—are designed to attach to the lockers, wall cabinets, and worktops creating a gap-without-a-gap so the cabinets can freely move in and out. If everything was slammed together, it’d be difficult to get the rolling cabinets out.

Speaking of mounting options, the Performance Plus 2.0 cabinets can be configured several different ways. If you’re not interested in making all or portions of system mobile, the cabinets can be installed on leveling legs, hung on the wall (directly or using optional slat wall and special brackets), or bolted together. They can also be bolted together or stacked upon one another but also on casters to create mobile workstations. Just be sure not to exceed the various weight limitations.

When we say the system isn’t actually 100% mobile, we’re referring to the 80″ multi-use lockers, which do not have casters and, instead, require leveling legs that are capable of handling roughly 2x the weight of the other cabinets’ casters. It’s also a very good idea to anchor the taller lockers to the wall and into a stud.

The Performance Plus 2.0 series cabinets incorporate adjustable soft close hinges, magnetic door latches, and are fully lockable. Integrated cable management on certain cabinets, an optional tool organizing insert for top drawers, and a LED light channel on both wall and corner cabinets round out a solid feature set. Oh, and let’s not forget the optional magnetic racing strip that you can customize. Cool.

Here’s a gallery (click ’em to do the full-screen thing):

Available in black, blue, and raised diamond plate black or silver, and with either bamboo or stainless steel worktops (24″, 56″ and 84″), the NewAge Performance Plus 2.0 Series cabinets are available directly from NewAge, Home Depot, and other online sources. Prices range from $300 for a single 28″ cabinet to $3,000 for a fully configured system.

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