A Better Pegboard?

I friggin’ HATE the flimsy, never-ending puzzle that is the pegboard system. Ugh. So, as I shop some options to organize my own tools for [the soon-to-relaunch-now-that-other-home-renovations-are-almost-done] Project Baker, I’m trying to find something similar to pegboard that isn’t pegboard.

I actually have several metal modular pegboard panels, but I still have to deal with all those hooks and whatnot. That’s really the part of the pegboard system that I just don’t like, despite the system allowing for just about any configuration.

Alas, I may have found a solution: The Tool Hanger System from Hansen Global.

These polypropylene panels snap together to create an expandable wall tool organizer. Simply press one of the system’s various hangers into the board, rotate it, and it locks in place. And there are only six types of hangers/hooks, versus the dozens of different kinds made for traditional pegboard systems. I know… more options is usually a good thing. Not for me, in this case. I like the simplicity of the Hansen system.

What I don’t really like are the small 11½” x 18″ panels. I get that this is a modular system, but larger panel options would be nice. That said, you can hang the panels either horizontal or verticle. And while I don’t know how much weight any of the panels or hooks will support, polypropylene is pretty tough stuff—much stronger than pegboard. The six hangers/hooks are made from a glass-filled nylon resin and are slightly pitched to prevent tools from falling off the board. Smart.

The Tool Hanger System can be purchased as a kit or as individual pieces. Each panel is about $23, while each single twist-and-lock hanger/hook runs about $6. There is an 11-piece kit available for $35, which includes one panel and… guess how many hangers? ????

Here’s a video tour of the Hansen Tool Hanger System:

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