A Great $20 Parts Organizer from Milwaukee

After a bunch of back-to-back city/house moves, my small parts—nuts, bolts, screws, wire nuts, wall anchors, o-rings, clamps, etc.—have become a complete nightmare, scattered within various boxes. Along the way, a bunch of the clear plastic small parts organizer drawers that I had packed were broken, spilling parts in the boxes. I needed a way to organize this stuff and I didn’t want to go back to the hanging or benchtop plastic organizers—I’m just not a fan.

I took a trip to my local Home Depot and found these really great Milwaukee Jobsite Organizers (part #: 48-22-8030) for just under $20 each. I bought six of them.

Now, this organizer has been on the market for something like 10 years but I never knew about or needed one. And with Milwaukee’s new “Packout” system, it seems that they’re phasing these boxes out, so they’re cheaper than ever.

[box type=”warning” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]NOTE: This older Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer will NOT link to the newer Milwaukee Packout system. You can buy the Kaizen K’NEX (Formerly PackAID) KNEX Kit to link them but it’s pricey at $30, given the cost of this box.[/box]

The Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer measures about 20″x15″ and houses eight 4″x4″ and two 4″x8″ compartments. The compartments are removable, can be situated in various ways within the box. Each compartment also has two slots and a groove to hang them from nails, screws, or on pegboard. Very thoughtful design, indeed.

The lid on this organizer is clear plastic and is actually molded to set into the compartments. That makes for a very secure storage system verses so many other organizers where the parts jump from one compartment to another when the organizer has been moved around a bit. The lid also has an integrated weather seal along its outer edge to keep dust and water out.

Like the newer Milwaukee Packout system (again, this one is not compatible) the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizers do link together via clips on either side of each box. Once linked, you can still access any of the boxes without unlinking them. This is really useful but you obviously won’t be able to see what’s in the linked boxes (except the top one) without actually opening them.

I will say that the only real negative—and it’s a stretch—is that the lid doesn’t open 180°. That is, it doesn’t lay flat once opened. Again, this is me reaching for a negative, but it could be useful if you were sliding the whole box under a low vehicle or other workspaces. And while the hinges seem solid, they are plastic, so one strong accidental push on the bottom of the lid could snap the thing off. Unlikely, but possible.

Overall, these are really great organizers—probably the best I’ve used. The compartments are strong, deep, and there aren’t any flimsy dividers to deal with. The fact that you can remove them, hang them, re-organize the organizer itself, and cost only $20 is a win for me.

You can buy the Milwaukee Jobsite Organizer from Home Depot, either in-store or online. If you want to support this website, you can also order them on Amazon, but they are more expensive there.