The Indestructible Coating [WARNING: Explosions Ahead!]

If you’re into trucks and haven’t heard of LINE-X, check your pulse. LINE-X have been protecting truck beds and more for decades. What you may not know, is that LINE-X is also virtually indestructible, and is even used in military applications for blast and fragmentation mitigation. Hell, this stuff lines the walls of the Pentagon! … Read more

Cummins to Offer Crate Engines

Back in November at the SEMA show in Vegas, Cummins formally announced their long-awaited crate engine program, Cummins Repower, which brings brand new crate engines from the Cummins factory direct to the consumer. The first Cummins Repower engine offering will be the R2.8 Turbo Diesel— a turbocharged, 2.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine based on a global platform which is … Read more

A Hemi FirePower Rebuild in Five Minutes

We always love watching Hagerty’s time-lapse videos and this one does not disappoint! Here’s a 10-month rebuild of a Chrysler Hemi FirePower engine, rescued from a Chrysler New Yorker found rotting in the Northern Michigan woods, whittled down to a super-cool 5-minute time-lapse made from over 40,000 individual photos. Enjoy!

How to Replace Brake Pads and Rotors

For the aspiring shade tree mechanic, turning wrenches anywhere near brakes can be scary. But really, vehicle brake systems are actually quite simple, and replacing your own brake pads and rotors can save you hundreds of dollars in labor costs alone. One of our favorite YouTubers, Chris Fix, walks us through the process in this … Read more

Protecting Your Wheels from Overspray

For those who like shiny tires after a solid Saturday of detailing their ride, re-cleaning wheels after spraying tire shine products on the tires can be a pain. Personally, I typically spray tire protectant on an applicator sponge away from the vehicle before applying it to the tire, but lots of folks spray product directly … Read more

Getting Your Vehicle Up, So You Can Get Down

Safely and [somewhat] comfortably working under our cars and trucks at home can be a challenge, depending on the job at hand. Most of us slap a floor jack underneath, a good set of jack stands and, if needed, a few pieces of wood to get that extra lift required to get the job done. For … Read more

Add Cruise Control to Your Motorcycle in Minutes

Born out of necessity while David Winters and his wife were in the middle of a 15-month worldwide motorcycle trip, the is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle. In fact, if you can fit two credit cards in between your throttle housing and rubber grip, the ATLAS will work with your … Read more

A Club for Car Parts & Service… Kinda.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]To ensure we’re giving our readers all available information, this article has been updated to include a few clarifications/responses from My Parts Club (MPC) staff, noted as such throughout.[/box] Ok, so I’m all about online subscriptions for things I use a lot, like Dollar Shave Club and Amazon’s Dash, but I … Read more

IIHS: No Winner in Compact SUV Headlights Test

Earlier this year, we covered the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety’s (IIHS) mid-sized vehicle headlights tests, with the Toyota Prius performing best when it comes to headlight performance. Now, the IIHS has run the same tests against compact SUVs. Not a single small SUV out of 21 tested earned a “good” rating (the best rating … Read more