The World’s Simplest Stud Finder

While hanging shelves in our garage last weekend, BOTH of our electronic stud finders died. While sad, we kinda knew it was time. So, off to online searching we go fro a good replacement. While comparing the few electronic stud finders that were on the search resulta, something off to the side caught my attention. … Read more

A Great Parts Organizer from Milwaukee

After a bunch of back-to-back city/house moves, my small parts—nuts, bolts, screws, wire nuts, wall anchors, o-rings, clamps, etc.—have become a complete nightmare, scattered within various boxes. Along the way, a bunch of the clear plastic small parts organizer drawers that I had packed were broken, spilling parts in the boxes. I needed a way … Read more

Hands-On: Fenix PD36R Rechargeable 1600 LM Tactical Flashlight

Here’s something a little different, but a topic some buddies and I were actually discussing while hanging out in the garage a few weeks ago: tactical flashlights. As some of you may or may not know from previous posts here or on social media, I’m a fairly confident self-defender. I don’t have a bunch of … Read more

Hands-On: Oldie but Goodie – JEGS Workbench Utility Mat

I recently bought a 48″ bamboo workbench to balance out the wall in my garage where a new 44″ toolbox is located. While I certainly expect a wood workbench top of almost any kind to develop battle scars during normal use, I didn’t expect this one to scratch so easily. It’s something to do with … Read more

Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Scanner & Interface

I’ve done several different rounds of modifications to my Jeep and each time I do, I have to reconfigure things like gear ratio, tire size/speedometer, idle speed, and certain creature-comforts I either want or don’t want. Until just recently, I used a $180 OBDII device, designed specifically for my model/year Jeep, with a bunch of … Read more

Hands-On: LOFTEK 20″ 16-Color Multi-Function LED Cube Light

A while back we covered a handy little work light from LOFTEK that we really liked. While digging through the LOFTEK website, we saw a bunch of other cool lights they offer so grabbed a few, including a surprisingly useful 20″ LED Cube Light. With our cover photo looking more like something from a home … Read more

A Retro Toy Hack That Can Open Most Garages

Short post, but I saw this video from one of my YouTube faves, Veritasium, where they hack a retro Mattel instant messaging toy for little girls, called IM me, to open garages when they don’t use rolling code tech. Interesting, nerdy, and a little disconcerting but not THAT easy to pull-off. Apparently, this has been a … Read more

Hands-On: The RYOBI Outdoor 40V Brushless Expand-It System

When we set out to simplify our lives by moving back to a smaller town after 20 years (and thanks for sticking with us and our lack of posts… it’s been quite the disruptive journey, to say the least!), that also included a smaller home and yard with less maintenance. A smaller yard means simpler … Read more

Hands-On: Audew 12V Handheld Wet/Dry Car Vacuum

After a trip to the pier, park or plant nursery, dragging out a big shop vac can be a hassle just to clean light-duty messes in the car. I know this first-hand, as I’m constantly reminded that I should do a better job of keeping the wife’s car clean in between more thorough detail cleanings. There … Read more