GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface & Hand Wipes Review

We’ve tried a gazillion different industrial-strength hand soaps, degreasers, and general-purpose cleaners in our garage over the years but, to be honest, none of us have ever really used or even considered using disposable wipes. No, no… not THOSE kinds of wipes—we’re talkin’ grime fightin’ wipes.

Recently, a pack of GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface & Hand Wipes crossed our workbench and, after going through the whole pack of 60, we’re sold! Seriously, these things are a must-have in the garage (or home… more on that in a sec).

During the course of working in our own garage over the past couple of weekends, we found that we were reaching for the GRIME BOSS wipes far more often than we would normally reach for the ‘ol orange hand cleaner, the green all-purpose cleaner, or the disposable shop towels. We didn’t really think about it, we just started using these things more often.

While GRIME BOSS wipes are useful for cleaning your digits if you weren’t wearing your nitrile gloves while working on your toys, they’re also super-useful for other grime-fighting tasks. We used them to clean up a jerrycan we’d had on the back of our Jeep for years—it was weathered and stained from dirt, mud, road grime, and gasoline splatter. You can see in the pic below that the GRIME BOSS wipes really worked well! And, yes, the can is dry after using the wipes on half of it and following-up with a shop towel.

We also tried the GRIME BOSS wipes on our Jeep wheels and they did a pretty good job cutting through the brake dust and other gunk. We wouldn’t do this with fancy wheels on nice cars, though!

Speaking of that, on the GRIME BOSS website, they show pictures and a video of someone using the wipes on a filthy car. We totally get that this is for demonstrative purposes only, but as automobile detailer-types, we just can’t let it go without stating that you should never wipe the surface of a dirty car with anything. Ever. Use soap and water.

Although we are GarageSpot, we decided to give the GRIME BOSS wipes a try inside, too. Above the gas range in my own kitchen, the exhaust hood filter was nasty—full of grease and grime. As you can see, it was no match for the GRIME BOSS wipes. Sure, the filters need proper cleaning, but the point is, these wipes just work really well, even with just a single pass, as we did in this case.

The heavy-duty GRIME BOSS wipes that we have (or had, I should say) are lightly citrus-scented, but not too much, unlike some lemon or bleach kitchen wipes, for example. They are packaged like tissues but in a foil-like bag, not box, and have a plastic dispenser with a cover that snaps closed to keep the wipes moist. GRIME BOSS says they’ll last a year or two, but recommends using them within a year. You also shouldn’t store them in a hot vehicle, as the moisture will eventually dry up. Duh.

The wipes themselves are about 10″x8″ each and feel much like your typical disposable kitchen wipe. But the GRIME BOSS wipes have two different textured sides.—one side is smooth, for hand cleaning and for use on more delicate surfaces, while the other side of the wipe is a bit rough for scrubbing through thicker grease and grime.

In the close-up shot here, the wipes may appear to be abrasive, but they are not at all. The one side is only rough in terms of its texture. It’s still the same soft material, just a different weave, for lack of a better term.

When using the GRIME BOSS wipes on really icky stuff, we didn’t pay much attention to which side of the wipe we were using. Instead, we found ourselves flipping and re-folding it to get to a cleaner portion of the wipe. In the end, the wipe was usually a ball of filth waiting to be tossed after doing its job. And that might be the one negative for some: these are not recyclable or biodegradable wipes, and you should never flush them down the toilet.

Beyond the various things we used the GRIME BOSS wipes on in our own garage and kitchen test, the packaging and website says these things will cut through lots more, including adhesives, uncured oil-based paint, and permanent marker on some surfaces. They’re also totally safe to use on your skin—including your ugly mug—as they contain no harsh chemicals. It is important to note that these are not antibacterial wipes. They’re designed to get rid of grease and grime and the do that quite well.

You can find the GRIME BOSS Heavy Duty Surface & Hand Wipes at just about any home improvement or hardware store, but we’re linking to so you can help to support this website (it won’t cost you anything more).???? The pack of 60 we have/had goes for about $9. It’s a no-brainer buy, really, and every garage needs some GRIME BOSS wipes. Or perhaps you need more convincing from Vinny.

You can learn more about GRIME BOSS and their other wipes (yeah, they have different types of wipes for hunting, fishing, home, and more) at the official GRIME BOSS website.

P.S.: They also fit nicely in a “glove box,” if your toolbox has one.

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