A Simple Garage Stool

I recently put a smaller 4′ workbench in a corner of my garage dedicated to small projects like fixing electronics, working with the Dremel, etc. I knew I wanted a blue stool to match my new 44″ U.S. General toolbox, which is right next to the workbench. I’ve seen a bunch of different garage stools with various gas/oil logos and the like, but I just wanted a “Smurfy blue” one to match the toolbox.

After a while of searching, I found one that matches quite well—the Richardson Seating Double Rung Swivel Bar Stool. This stool was affordable at just under $55, had 500+ positive reviews on Amazon, and looked nice. And if you’re not into blue, it’s also available black, red, yellow, and green, although the frame and legs are always chrome.

Keep in mind that this stool is not adjustable—it is 30″ high, which is perfect for most standard-height workbenches. My workbench is adjustable and I do have it set a tad higher but this stool still works perfectly for me. I also appreciate the lower ring as a place to rest my feet.

Assembly was a cinch, requiring only a screwdriver and small wrench, and took about 15 minutes max. The only possible hassle is getting the top, inner ring inside the frame but even that wasn’t a big deal. The seat itself mounts to the pre-assembled swiveling base, and the motion of that swivel is a bit tight (e.g., the seat on mine swivels but you can’t just spin it by hand). Maybe that’s a good thing, but it does take the fun out of the whole sit-n-spin… well… nevermind. ????

You can tell this is a $55 stool. It looks great, and it is well-made, but the chrome-plated steel frame is thin, it does scratch easily, and the seat leaves a bit to be desired in terms of cushion (I weight about 190 if that matters). There is also a rattle inside of my stool, which I assume is some kind of metal debris in the frame. I tool the plastic feet off but couldn’t get anything to fall out. It may be something inside one of the two frame rings. Oh well.

Overall, this is a nice little stool that doesn’t break the bank and matches my toolbox perfectly. It’s also made in the USA and has a one-year warranty for residential or commercial use. So, if you’re in the market for a solid garage bar stool, consider the Richardson Seating Double Rung Swivel Bar Stool as a decent choice.

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