Hands-On: GarageSmart’s My Jeep® Top Lifter

A while back, we covered a really cool little Bluetooth-enabled hoist called the MyLifter. While we didn’t have one on-hand to review at the time, we thought it seemed super-useful when used in various configurations to store stuff up and out of the way in the garage. The company that developed the MyLifter, with a little … Read more

Hands-On: RYOBI 2300 PSI Brushless Electric Pressure Washer

Just in time for Mother’s Day, I needed to tackle a few chores around my own mother’s house. One of those jobs included the long-overdue pressure washing of her back patio—it was full of dirt, mold, and grime.???? I’ve got a few pressure washers—both my own and those from various GarageSpot.com projects—and wanted to use … Read more

Transform Your Metal Garage Door with GarageSkins (Almost)

We’ve got an old metal garage door on a house we’re flipping and wanted to spruce it up without replacing the whole thing. Painting it would be an obvious solution, but I was searching for something a bit more unique. In doing so, I found a start-up from a few years back that created some … Read more

Get Yourself a 12-Pack… of Wrap It Storage Straps!

Short post, but I just wanted to share some cool storage straps I found recently. I’ve got a boatload of cords, cables, and hoses in my garage for all kinds of different things. The longer stuff—like extension cords and garden hoses—are a pain in the neck to store. For long-term storage of these types of … Read more

The One-Handed Broadcast Spreader

Late spring, early summer means fertilizer time for many of us. And for those with smaller yards, a push broadcast spreader is just too much. Handheld spreaders are a better choice but can be a real pain to operate—two hands are needed to operate the manual crank, which tends to jam all too often, while the … Read more

A Holster for Your Cordless Tools

A while back, when the wife and I were remodeling our house, I was hanging a new ceiling fan and dropped my cordless drill six-feet down onto a freshly refinished wood floor—the built-in belt clip on the drill slipped off of my jeans pocket. Needless to say, she created a few new names for me and required manual … Read more

Hands-On: Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio & Charger

Days before Hurricane Irma arrived here in North Florida, I decided I needed to get myself a good cordless radio since electricity goes out around here when someone sneezes. I’m fairly invested in the Milwaukee M18 line of tools and have plenty of M18 batteries. So, I thought I’d give the Milwaukee M18 Jobsite Radio a … Read more

Sturdy, Space-Saving Outdoor Pop-Up Storage

Whether on the porch, patio, deck, in the backyard or even at the RV park, sometimes we just need a place to put our stuff to keep it clean and dry outdoors. Old-school metal sheds are big, expensive and are basically permanent fixtures, while smaller decorative plastic storage boxes rarely hold-up to the elements. YardStash … Read more

Hands-On: LOFTEK Pioneer Portable LED Work Light

I admit it: I have a secret obsession with portable lights. I’ve got a bunch of tactical/EDC flashlights that I rotate through all the time (I guess I should review some of those, huh?) and several larger but still somewhat compact work lights—like my favorite, the Milwaukee M18 Radius that we reviewed a while back. … Read more

Fascinating: First Ever Dashcam Recording (1906)

One of the channels we follow on YouTube, Global Leaks, posted this video a while back of what they claim to be the first ever dashcam recording. The recording is allegedly from early 1906 and takes us on a brief journey down what is also alleged to be Market Street in San Francisco. Some viewers have … Read more