Hang it Up

There are a gazillion cell phone and sunglasses mounts/clips/hangers for your car or truck. Some of them use sticky tape to attach to the dash, others clip onto visors and air vents. Few are versatile, as they’re generally made for a single purpose, and few are all that affordable. That’s exactly what University of Central … Read more

A 24/7 Security Camera for Your Car

Back in my day (say that in an old man’s voice), car alarms weren’t OEM accessories. Aftermarket alarms and installations were big business, and hearing an alarm in a parking lot was something most people actually paid attention to. Today, we call the driver an idiot when his or her alarm is going off. Ahhh… we’re … Read more

FINALLY: A Totally Wireless & Portable Backup Camera System

[box type=”info” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]February 2020 Update: It appears that the crowd-funding efforts we saw for this product were not successful. We tried to reach out to the company in mid-2019 to no avail. We’re not sure what the status of the company or the product is at this point.[/box] The National Highway Safety Transportation … Read more

A Robot for Your Smoker… It’s the SMOBOT

If you’ve got a Kamado-style cooker, you’ve probably heard the term, chasing temps. This is where people become almost obsessed with achieving and maintaining the perfect temperature in their Kamado. And it can suck some of the fun out of the whole experience. One start-up, IOT Controls, seems to have a solid solution: a WiFi … Read more

HANDS-ON: The World’s First Digital Bumper Sticker

Almost a year ago, we wrote about a new digital bumper sticker we saw on Kickstarter, called the Talelight. Back then, we had a few concerns based only on what we were seeing online, but didn’t actually have the product in our hands because it was still being developed. Recently, we did receive our very own … Read more

A Water-Powered Garage Door Opener

Here’s something we never thought we’d see: a water-powered garage door opener.???? The Hydradoor, as inventor Matthew Okrasa has christened it, is currently a working prototype with an all-or-nothing Kickstarter campaign running until March 19, 2017. He’s looking for an oddly uneven $86,339 from backers, but to actually get the very first unit, you’ll have to … Read more

Add Cruise Control to Your Motorcycle in Minutes

Born out of necessity while David Winters and his wife were in the middle of a 15-month worldwide motorcycle trip, the is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle. In fact, if you can fit two credit cards in between your throttle housing and rubber grip, the ATLAS will work with your … Read more

The World’s First Electronic Bumper Sticker

If you’re like me, you’re not a fan of plastering cheesy bumper stickers all over your vehicle. Facebook, with its memes alone, has done enough to ensure that we all know exactly where people stand politically and socially with very little tolerance. Sigh. Alas, a company called Ultimation has developed the first digital bumper sticker to … Read more

The Perigon Digital HD Rearview Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

If you’re a regular here at GarageSpot, you probably know we’re big fans of innovators and startups. We’re always on the lookout for cool Kickstarter campaigns and the like, particularly within the automotive space. Recently, a tip came in about a new startup called Perigon Automotive Technologies who have developed a seemingly simple idea that makes … Read more