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Add Cruise Control to Your Motorcycle in Minutes

Born out of necessity while David Winters and his wife were in the middle of a 15-month worldwide motorcycle trip, the ATLAS Throttle Lock ($135) is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle. In fact, if you can fit two credit cards in between your throttle housing and rubber grip, the ATLAS will work with your bike.

Made with heat-treated, hardened stainless steel and held together with US Military-grade rivets, the ATLAS will hold your throttle in place with the push of a button using a combination of pressure and friction. The device bolts on in just minutes and requires no modifications for most motorcycles.

ATLAS Throttle Lock Bolt-On Cruise Control for Motorcycles

Each ATLAS kit comes with two different sized clamp arms to accommodate different thicknesses of handlebars as well as three different sized friction pads to accommodate different thicknesses in the gap where the ATLAS mounts. The friction pads adhere to the stopper arm to apply friction to the throttle housing.

Here’s a video showing how simple the ATLAS Throttle Lock is to install (and remove):

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a simple, safe, affordable and effective way to add cruise control to your motorcycle. And as our readers know by now, we love innovators and small businesses, and David’s project began on KickStarter, exceeded funding goals, and is part of the Amazon Launchpad program.

ATLAS Throttle Lock Website | Buy ATLAS on Amazon



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