A Window Screen for Your Vehicle

Ahhhh, Florida. With its shirt-soaking humidity, mosquitos, “love bugs,” and “no-see-ums,” it’s the place to be! Now, I haven’t been camping-proper for a long time. But I do take the Jeep out on the trails quite a bit and we almost always stop to hang out for lunch by the lake or just to shoot … Read more

Hands-On: GarageSmart’s My Jeep® Top Lifter

A while back, we covered a really cool little Bluetooth-enabled hoist called the MyLifter. While we didn’t have one on-hand to review at the time, we thought it seemed super-useful when used in various configurations to store stuff up and out of the way in the garage. The company that developed the MyLifter, with a little … Read more

HANDS-ON: TreadWright Off-Road Tires (Part 1)

Given how often we parenthetically talk about Jeeps and off-roading here at GarageSpot.com, it’s no surprise that brands catering to the off-roading community reach out to us quite often. We’re also huge supporters of the little guys—startups and product innovators that are busy putting good ol’ American ingenuity to work, while focused on filling a … Read more

Cummins to Offer Crate Engines

Back in November at the SEMA show in Vegas, Cummins formally announced their long-awaited crate engine program, Cummins Repower, which brings brand new crate engines from the Cummins factory direct to the consumer. The first Cummins Repower engine offering will be the R2.8 Turbo Diesel— a turbocharged, 2.8-liter, 4-cylinder engine based on a global platform which is … Read more

Jeep’s 75th Salute Concept

Ok, GarageSpot isn’t an automotive blog per se’, but we are Jeep fanatics. So, we’re gonna repost this press release from Jeep about its Commemorative Jeep Wrangler 75th Salute Concept vehicle—it’s sweet! Since 1941, the Jeep name has symbolized a unique family of go-anywhere, do-anything vehicles – first developed for military use, and after 1945, continually … Read more

Help Celebrate Jeep Brand’s 75th with #MyJeepStory

If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m kind of a Jeep fanatic. I just dig everything Jeep and I’m sure at some point I’ll hear about it from our readers—”Why so much Jeep stuff?!?” Tough cookies. 😉 If you don’t know the full story of Jeep, it’s pretty fascinating and I encourage you to explore … Read more

The 2016 BFGoodrich® Outstanding Trails Grant Program

Through its Outstanding Trails program that promotes sustainable and responsible off-road driving, BFGoodrich® Tires will once again award grants of $4,000 each to four qualified and passionate off-road clubs in North America. These clubs will use their grants to continue local efforts that preserve and protect their hometown trails. In its 11th year, BFGoodrich once … Read more

New Magazine for Trail Geeks

Engaged Media, the team behind magazines like Maximum Drive, Drag Racer, Street Trucks, Gun World and others (including Romantic Homes, if that’s your thing), recently launched their newest publication targeting the ‘trail-ready culture’ aptly titled, Tread. We dove into the premier issue, which covers Winter 2015/2016 and liked what we saw, albeit some of its … Read more