Jeep Doors Buyer’s Guide

PAOLI, Pa. (August 11th, 2020) – ExtremeTerrain (XT) launches a new video aimed at helping Jeep JK, YJ, TJ, and JL owners in their quest for the best aftermarket door. XT host Sara Riordan, breaks down 4 of the most common door options, outlining the features and key considerations for each one. Sara demonstrates each door on a Jeep Wrangler JK, explaining that all four options are available for other gens on

Sara begins with the first option, the half door. As the name implies, the lower half is generally of solid construction, while the window area is left open to the air. This popular door is for Jeep owners looking to change out their standard doors for a more classic look. Next up is the tube door. This low-profile door is ideal for those who like to go doorless, but want a door with extra protection and substance. The third option is the trail door or adventure door. Sara describes
this door as “one step up from the tube doors, with added protective features for those…who want a little more standing between them and the trail.” And finally, the full fabric door is a 2-piece lightweight door that’s easy to install. The halfdoor can be used alone or along with the window section for a bit more protection. Unlike the other doors, the fabric doors can be pulled off mid-trail and stored in the back of the Jeep thanks to their small storage footprint.

Armed with a T50 socket, a ratchet, and some know-how from, Jeep owners have what they need to swap out their factory doors for one of the four popular categories outlined in the new video. 2-door Wrangler owners are also covered since most options sell the front and rear doors separately. For those looking to beef up their doors, go for a unique look, or become one with the trail, XT’s new video promises to guide them through the research stage with ease.

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  1. Are those aftermarket rims on the Jeep? Looks identical to the ones I saw on 4wheelonline. Not sure if it’s Fuel or Method rims.


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