Kill Bugs… with Salt… From a Gun. Yeah C’mon!

Flies are nasty. Flypaper and chemical sprays designed to eliminate them are worse. Inventor Lorenzo Maggiore has a solution: a battery-free, air-powered gun that shoots a pinch of salt at just enough velocity to kill the insect from about three-to-four feet away. And you can do it about 50x on one small load of ordinary table salt.


The Bug-a-Salt (obviously pronounced, bug assault) seems gimmicky at first but is actually a brilliant idea. The salt coming out of the gun is just powerful enough to kill most small insects, but not powerful enough to splatter its guts all over the place—so cleanup is easy.

While the gun itself looks like a toy water gun, it’s certainly not a toy—you wouldn’t want your kids shooting at each other with this thing. There is an automatic safety switch on the gun to protect against such incidents. That said, we’ve seen the Bug-a-Salt being shot into a plastic bag at point-blank range and it didn’t even pierce the bag, so it’s quite safe considering it can kill insects from several feet away.

Available in a “lawn and garden” or camouflage motif (CamoFly, as it’s called), the Bug-a-Salt is available online for $39.95 at Here’s a breakdown of how it works:

Bug-a-Salt - How it Works

And here’s a funny but informative video tour of the Bug-a-Salt in-action:

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