New “Mobile” Garage Cabinets from NewAge

We’ve owned and worked with/in garages with all kinds of storage solutions. From fancy wall-to-wall steel cabinetry to repurposed kitchen cabinets and an old homemade workbench. Most of the time, the cabinets are mounted securely to the wall and it’s the tool chests that we’re rolling around the garage. NewAge Products aims to put the best … Read more

Buy or Build: Organizing Your Pliers

Ahhh the plier drawer. Many of us organize our sockets, drill bits, and screwdrivers but that awful plier drawer is usually a wreck. I try to keep my pliers all flat so I don’t have to dig through the drawer, but try is the key word there—I always end up just throwing more pliers on … Read more

UPDATE: Pro Series Garage Cabinets from New Age Products

Last month we covered the Premier Garage Metal Cabinet Series through a press release that was sent to us. At the time, details were scarce. But since that post, we’ve learned that the Premier series is a white-labeled version of the new and updated Pro Series from New Age Products. Here’s an email from a New … Read more

Affordable Garage Organization: Get on the “FastTrack”

Getting stuff off of the ground and making better use of vertical wall space in the garage is something lots of people tackle by mounting 2x4s to the wall and partially pounding in some long nails to use as hooks. And while that works, it’s ugly and hard to re-organize later on. Enter: track systems. They’re not … Read more

Tailored Living’s New PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””] There is new information regarding this post here. [/box] Tailored Living featuring PremierGarage recently rolled out its new private label modular garage storage system, the PremierGarage Metal Cabinet Series. This new garage storage solution includes multifunction cabinets built from heavy duty 18-gauge steel, multiple mounting options, integrated light valances for optional … Read more

A Few Helpful Garage Org Project Videos from Craftsman

Here are a few brief and helpful videos from Craftsman for that Spring garage cleaning and organization project that I just know you’re gonna tackle this weekend.? Hosted by Master Craftsman, Rob North, the first video is a mash-up of a few projects (with some heavy product placement, but I come from a digital strategy/marketing … Read more