Quick Look: Gladiator GearTrack Garage Wall Organization

I needed a simple way to hang just a handful of lawn and garden tools in my garage but didn’t want to commit to individual hooks, where I couldn’t swap things out should I decide to later.

In my old house, my entire garage was decked-out in Gladiator GarageWorks stuff—a workbench, both big and small hanging cabinets, ladder, bicycle, and tool storage… a bunch of stuff. I’m not doing all of that at our new place but did know that the Gladiator stuff works well and would in this case, too.

I bought a single 4′ Gladiator GearTrack Channel at my local orange box store, along with various hooks because I wasn’t quite sure what I would end up using. The track was about $10 and the hooks were about $30 or so total.

The channel is made from a fairly sturdy resin and you hang it by simply screwing it to the studs in your wall. It’s important to secure the track into studs vs. drywall anchors to ensure the GearTrack holds-up to its claim of supporting up to 100lb per foot. Not that any of my stuff weighs that much, but still.

Once installed, you simply click the desired hook or hanger up into the top channel, and then push it in and pull down on it until it locks into the bottom, channel. It’s a little tough to illustrate, but once you figure it out, it’s very easy to do.

I also grabbed a couple of decorative end-caps and some white-painted screws from Gladiator for a cleaner looking install. I placed the hooks over the screws, too, because I’m totally OCD, which pretty much nullifies the need for the white screws.????

While you can do what I’ve done so far and just use a single GearTrack and a few hooks, the Gladiator GearTrack system is really designed to create a larger system of garage organization. And after installing mine, I don’t think I’ll create a slat wall, but I may indeed buy a few more tracks to accommodate the storage of more gear on the wall where I’ve installed this one. In a garage, you should never let a good wall go to waste.

You can find the Gladiator GearTrack system or their newer all-in-one GearTrack Packs at just about any home improvement store, or on Amazon.

Here’s a promo video from Gladiator with a lovely, seemingly active family: