Rockler Bandy Clamp — Edge Clamp, Reengineered

Clamps. Not something most of us tend to think about when we talk about innovation. After all, man has been clamping things similarly since the Age of Pyramids. Most of us have been using the same ‘ol plastic or metal spring clamps, c-clamps, edge clamps and all the others forever.

Alas, Rockler has disrupted the clamping scene with a hybrid spring and edge clamp to beat all spring and edge clamps. Okay, a bit dramatic, but these clamps are cool.

We found the Rockler Bandy Clamp as we were working on our piece about Bench Cookies recently and ordered a pair to try out. And we love these things!

The Bandy Clamp is a unique spring clamp that incorporates a durable 1″ or so wide non-stick elastic rubber band that conforms to an edge—no matter its shape—and applies just the right amount of consistent pressure against the material to be set. And because it’s rubber, the band won’t dig into your work, as screw clamps often do. The jaws on these clamps also pivot, providing a much stronger footprint than traditional angled clamps.

Here’s a video showing how the Bandy Clamp works and its many uses:

Bandy Clamps are available as a pair for about $15 on Amazon or directly from Rockler.

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  1. Ummm….. sold. Clamping during glue-ups have cost me many an hour and many an eighth of an inch after fouling it up and having to plane it down. thanks!


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