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Greetings, As many of you know, I’ve been working on for a few years now, off and on, as a sort-of hobby—I have a real job as a marketing strategy kinda guy. After careful consideration and given all that I’ve got going on in life, I’ve decided to cease …

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A Retro Toy Hack That Can Open Most Garages

Short post, but I saw this video from one of my YouTube faves, Veritasium, where they hack a retro Mattel instant messaging toy for little girls, called IM me, to open garages when they don’t use rolling code tech. Interesting, nerdy, and a little disconcerting but not THAT easy to pull-off. …

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The One-Handed Broadcast Spreader

Late spring, early summer means fertilizer time for many of us. And for those with smaller yards, a push broadcast spreader is just too much. Handheld spreaders are a better choice but can be a real pain to operate—two hands are needed to operate the manual crank, which tends to jam …

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