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Transform Your Metal Garage Door with GarageSkins (Almost)

We’ve got an old metal garage door on a house we’re flipping and wanted to spruce it up without replacing the whole thing. Painting it would be an obvious solution, but I was searching for something a bit more unique.

In doing so, I found a start-up from a few years back that created some pretty cool ‘skins’ that transform standard metal garage doors into fairly realistic-looking wooden garage doors, despite the obvious gaps and shadows where the skins (or panels) meet. You’ll see what I mean in some of the pics and the video below.

Now, these aren’t printed stick-on vinyl decals—they’re real wood veneers. The veneers are vat-dyed to mimic a variety of wood species. The company says that the dyeing process ensures that the color penetrates all the way through the veneer ensuring consistent color even if scratched later down the road. They’re held in place using neodymium magnets (you know them as “rare-earth” magnets), which are super-strong.

The product is called GarageSkins. Unfortunately, and as of April 2018, it appears that the company is currently seeking further investment and the product itself is not yet available to the general public.😕


It also looks like they are several hundred thousand dollars short of their $435k crowdfunding goal, with only about two months remaining. We’re not sure how that will impact their go-to-market strategy, but we hope it works out for them. You can stay up-to-date on the GarageSkins product release by joining their email list.

In January 2020, we reached out to GarageSkins founder, Rick Medlen, to see where the company was in terms of launching the product, since this page see thousands of visits each month, resulting in a ton of email inquiries. Rick says that there are thousands of people on the waiting list and that the product will start shipping “later this year.”

So, even though they’re not available for purchase, GarageSkins look like a pretty cool way to [eventually] transform your old, ugly metal garage door. Plus, the name is cool.

Below is a video promo from GarageSkins showing the product and installation, followed by some images of finished installations.



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