Vgate iCar Pro Bluetooth OBDII Diagnostic Scanner & Interface

I’ve done several different rounds of modifications to my Jeep and each time I do, I have to reconfigure things like gear ratio, tire size/speedometer, idle speed, and certain creature-comforts I either want or don’t want. Until just recently, I used a $180 OBDII device, designed specifically for my model/year Jeep, with a bunch of … Read more

Turn Any Garage Door Into a Smart Garage Door

Over the past year or so, smart and/or WiFi-enabled garage door openers have been released from brands like Craftsman, Ryobi, and others. Those units, however, require you to purchase and install a new system for upwards of $200-$400+, depending on what features you go with. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you could just plug a little … Read more

Motor Trend On-Demand is Live!

A while back, I responded to an email survey from Motor Trend magazine asking me all kinds of questions around my consumption of motorsports video content—do I watch, would I watch, would I pay, how much, etc. Today, I received an email announcing the BETA launch of Motor Trend On-Demand (MTOD)—like NetFlix for motorheads. And I’m … Read more

SpotCheck #20

A quick look at some of the cool stuff that has come across our workbench or inbox this week. Hmm… this one appears to have broken 🙁

Greenlight SmartCradle: Your Smartphone as a Smart Dashcam

Dashcams have been an invaluable tool for police departments for quite some time, serving as witnesses to the truth when it matters most. Similarly, vehicle incident data recorders—also known as black boxes—have become the norm in newer cars, collecting key vehicle and performance data once triggered by a pre-defined event. So what do you get … Read more

Openbay Now Available on Android – Book Car Repairs and More

Openbay, an online marketplace for auto repair and maintenance services, released its Android app this week, which has been available to iOS users for a while. Openbay gives consumers the ability to compare automobile maintenance and repair services, book appointments and pay, once services have been rendered. Everything is backed by the Openbay guarantee. Openbay’s nationwide network … Read more

Washé: The Uber of Mobile Car Washing & Detailing

When I ran my detail shop back in the late 80s into the early 90s, mobile detailing was just starting to gain traction. The closest we came to it back then was to offer free pickup and delivery—come to work with a filthy car; leave in a clean car. It was a very successful model. Today, … Read more

John Deere App Makes Mowing Fun (And Nerdy)

Okay, perhaps the title of this post is a bit misleading. With my allergies here in the extreme Florida sun, mowing the lawn just sucks. But, many see mowing as a chance to reflect on life’s complexities… or maybe as a chance to daydream about that new Jeep or big screen TV. Either way, John … Read more