Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Manage Your Tools Remotely with DEWALT Tool Connect

More useful for the jobsite contractor than the garage enthusiast, we still thought the new digital tool management system from DEWALT was cool enough to share.

DEWALT Tool Connect (available for both iOS and Android devices) is a free mobile app that enables users to receive alerts about, connect with and control their Bluetooth enabled DEWALT 20V MAX batteries when paired with a compatible smartphone or tablet. Once connected and within the Bluetooth range, the app allows users to:

  • Remotely check the battery’s current charge state and temperature
  • Create a virtual fence, disabling the battery if it goes too far away from the paired mobile device
  • Remotely enable or disable the battery (the Lend feature can disable the battery after a predetermined time frame)
  • Identify a particular battery among many via a flashing light
  • Enable alerts notifying the user when the battery needs to be charged or when the battery is too far away from the paired mobile device

Here’s an overview video from DEWALT:

Learn more at the DEWALT Tool Connect website, or shop DEWALT on Amazon.



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