Ladder Lockdown: A Ladder Stabilizer from Mike Holmes

Remember Mike Holmes—the Canadian home inspector guy who became famous for rescuing homeowners after they’d fallen “victim” to other contractors’ shoddy work on the TV show Holmes on Homes?

Of course, you do!

A long-time contractor and investor, Mr. Holmes recently partnered with fellow contractor Troy Kumprey to launch a new ladder stabilization system called, Ladder Lockdown. Mr. Kumprey had apparently fallen from a ladder before—resulting in serious injury—and set out to find some kind of device to prevent others from facing the same fate. When he couldn’t find the safety product he envisioned, he instead developed the Ladder Lockdown system himself.

The Ladder Lockdown system consists of a 14 gauge orange powder coated steel base plate where the safety feet of an A-frame step ladder (up to 6′ tall) or an extension ladder (up to 24′ tall) set. Large “staples” are also included, which are designed to hold the base plate in place on various terrains—sort of like tent stakes. A nylon strap (also included) is then hooked to the base plate and looped over the third rung of the ladder to create a seemingly strong, stable platform.

If you need something to stabilize larger ladders, there’s also an industrial version of the system that can handle extension ladders up to 60′ and A-frame ladders up to 12′.

The bottom of the Ladder Lockdown base plate is somewhat protected to prevent scratches when being used on hardwood flooring, tile flooring, or other finished surfaces. That underside padding, however, doesn’t look all that thick and could become useless after using the product on rough, dirty outdoor terrain.

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While this isn’t a hands-on review, the Ladder Lockdown certainly seems like it should work to keep the ladder from slipping out from under a person. And if angled properly—Mike says 1′ back for every 4′ of height—the ladder should never fall backward, even if not secured at the bottom.

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If you’re actually looking for something to stabilize a ladder on inclines—like hills or stairs—Ladder Leveler Stabilizer is also a great product.

Here’s a video of Mike and his daughter pushing the Ladder Lockdown:

Ladder Lockdown Home, The Ladder Stabilizer, Mike Holmes Approved, Orange - LLD-RES-001
  • Stay safe with this versatile all-in-one ladder stabilizer approved by Mike Holmes
  • This roof ladder stabilizer was designed to prevent ladder kick out and reduce lateral...
  • Stays securely in place on all types of terrain including grass, concrete, wood, sand, and...
  • Made from 14 gauge powder coated steel with a high-quality nylon strap that securely locks...
  • Includes removable staples for use on soft surfaces and non-slip grip rubber for use on...

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