Buy It or Build It: The Fidget Spinner

If you don’t know what a fidget spinner is, you’re… well… like almost every other old guy. But this old guy does know and the new craze that is the fidget spinner a great way to exude nervous energy. For whatever reason, we all think we have ADHD these days. We don’t. We just like to fidget. And that’s OK.

Fidget spinners generally consist of a very smooth-spinning bearing in the center of some kind of housing small enough to spin between your thumb and another finger. They usually look like ninja throwing stars (am I saying that correctly?) or small fans and can be made out of just about any material—plastic, brass, metal, etc.

The “better” fidget spinners are those that are well-balanced and can spin for a minute or more with one finger flick.

Fidget spinners are oddly satisfying, which is the entire point. But instead of buying one for anywhere between $10-$30, you can build one quite easily using wood, a 3-D printer, or just plain ingenuity.

Dylan, over at one of our favorite YouTube channels, Woodbrew, shows us how it’s done, sourcing all of his materials from an old skateboard. The result is pretty cool. Take a look: