HANDS-ON: TreadWright Off-Road Tires (Part 1)

Given how often we parenthetically talk about Jeeps and off-roading here at GarageSpot.com, it’s no surprise that brands catering to the off-roading community reach out to us quite often. We’re also huge supporters of the little guys—startups and product innovators that are busy putting good ol’ American ingenuity to work, while focused on filling a … Read more

Protecting Your Wheels from Overspray

For those who like shiny tires after a solid Saturday of detailing their ride, re-cleaning wheels after spraying tire shine products on the tires can be a pain. Personally, I typically spray tire protectant on an applicator sponge away from the vehicle before applying it to the tire, but lots of folks spray product directly … Read more

How to Store Tires in the Garage

Someone commented on one of our promotional Facebook posts the other day, and it made me giggle… but also think… more than I normally do… which kinda hurts. Storing tires in the garage can be a challenge. They’re big, bulky and roll. So, just for Joseph, we’ve got a few seemingly safe ways to store tires … Read more

New Website Aims to Make Tire Shopping Easier

A new website aims to simplify the tire shopping experience and is now available across the U.S. after piloting in Dallas/Fort Worth and Cleveland. RightTurn.com delivers tires directly to OEM dealers from its network of 42 warehouses across the U.S. and Canada and carries thousands of different tire sizes from 18 different manufacturers. The company’s all-in-one price … Read more