New Brushless EDGE Drivers from Porter Cable

Hangin’ out at my local Lowes the other day while the wife shopped for new shoes or something, I noticed them really pushing the Porter Cable line with end-cap displays all over the place. Naturally, I just had to play with some of the new tools, so after some cooperation from the Lowes tool guy (thanks, … Read more

SpotCheck #19 (But Really #1)

Introducing SpotCheck, from GarageSpot. There’s a lot of stuff that comes across the workbench here at GarageSpot each week. And while much of it is pretty cool and certainly relevant to our audiences, there’s either not enough to make a full story of it, or we just don’t have time but do want to share. To that … Read more

Hands-On: WORX® SD Semi-Automatic Driver

You read that headline right: a semi-automatic screwdriver. It’s the WORX® SD Semi-Automatic Power Screw Driver and it’s pretty cool. Given its name and that it sort of resembles a handgun, it’s only fitting that the WORX SD uses a slide-action lever to quickly advance one of six bits, stored in an interchangeable cartridge within the tool … Read more