Hands On: RING Floodlight Cam

A little bit outside of the garage today but just by a few feet. We’re going to ring in the new year with a review of the . About a year ago, we installed a because we get quite a few deliveries each week and don’t always hear the knock or doorbell (I do work … Read more

A 24/7 Security Camera for Your Car

Back in my day (say that in an old man’s voice), car alarms weren’t OEM accessories. Aftermarket alarms and installations were big business, and hearing an alarm in a parking lot was something most people actually paid attention to. Today, we call the driver an idiot when his or her alarm is going off. Ahhh… we’re … Read more

FINALLY: A Totally Wireless & Portable Backup Camera System

February 2020 Update: It appears that the crowd-funding efforts we saw for this product were not successful. We tried to reach out to the company in mid-2019 to no avail. We’re not sure what the status of the company or the product is at this point. The National Highway Safety Transportation Agency (NHTSA) announced a … Read more

The Apple of Wireless Backup Cameras

What do you get when some former Apple guys decide to build a better backup camera? An elegantly-designed, user-friendly, definitely better but crazy-expensive wireless backup camera. Most newer vehicles have integrated backup cameras, and there are quite a few pretty affordable aftermarket solutions for those that don’t. Most involve running wires and such, which isn’t a big … Read more

SpotCheck #27

A quick look at some of the cool stuff that has come across our workbench or inbox this week, plus… free stickers!

The Perigon Digital HD Rearview Mirror Eliminates Blind Spots

If you’re a regular here at GarageSpot, you probably know we’re big fans of innovators and startups. We’re always on the lookout for cool Kickstarter campaigns and the like, particularly within the automotive space. Recently, a tip came in about a new startup called Perigon Automotive Technologies who have developed a seemingly simple idea that makes … Read more

Greenlight SmartCradle: Your Smartphone as a Smart Dashcam

Dashcams have been an invaluable tool for police departments for quite some time, serving as witnesses to the truth when it matters most. Similarly, vehicle incident data recorders—also known as black boxes—have become the norm in newer cars, collecting key vehicle and performance data once triggered by a pre-defined event. So what do you get … Read more