Retractable Screens for Your Garage

Here in Florida, mosquitoes are rampant but even worse are those *%&$#! noseeums (a.k.a. sandflies). They’re awful and leave you swatting and dancing around like your bladder is about to burst. Oh, and love bugs… absolutely zero love there whatsoever.

So when we were considering options to build out our own GarageSpot residential garage (more info on that in the near future), we loved the idea of a retractable screen. We took to the web and found a few, but the one we liked most comes from a company called Stoett, whose products are made in the USA.

Stoett’s retractable garage screens are locked into a powder coated aluminum track/rail system, keeping bugs completely out, and can be operated automatically or manually via different remotes or sensors. They’re also available for single or double garages and come in various neutral colors. And in case you’re wondering, the system is completely separate and should not interfere with existing typical garage door systems.

Check out the video below to see the Stoett retractable screen in action.

Stoett’s retractable garage screen doors are available at specialty dealers, which you can find via the Stoett website. Since each dealer is independent, prices may vary, so you should contact the dealer closest to you for details.

The downside, especially for us garage geeks: the system isn’t DIY, according to the company, so you’ll have to have it installed by an authorized dealer/installer. If you’re like us, though, it’ll be worth it to keep bugs and debris out of your garage.

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