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Build a Paint Booth in Your Garage

When I was 17, my pride-n-joy was a ’72 Olds. My dad bought it for me as a project car—and man, was it a mess. I worked on that thing day and night. When it came time to laying down paint, however, I just didn’t trust myself.

Today, I’m a bit more confident, but still haven’t properly painted an entire vehicle. When I do (one day), I’d like to do so in my own space but a paint booth in the garage just sounds complicated!

Au contraire!

Here are a few DiY paint booths we found on YouTube that seem pretty doable, all with the proper positive/negative air configurations. This first video uses a temporary shelter that the creator scored on eBay for cheap. We like this one because it’s much simpler and cheaper than all the rest.

This DiY paint booth involves building a frame within an existing (and typical) residential garage. It’s  a lot more complicated, but we like this guy—he’s all in on this project.

Okay, this third option is badass but expensive. It’s an inflatable paint booth complete with windows and proper ventilation. The product tour narration is a little difficult to follow at first, but the concept itself seems solid. This thing is actually available on Amazon for about $4600. Yikes! But very cool, nonetheless.

Would love to hear about your DiY paint booths! Hit us up in the comments below or, on Facebook or Twitter.



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